The Living Foods Lifestyle®

The Living Foods Lifestyle® by Brenda Cobb

The Living Foods Lifestyle® is Brenda Cobb's fascinating first work on Living Foods.  In her book, Brenda describes her healing journey from breast and cervical cancer.  She also highlights the stories of many students that have gotten tremendous results from a variety of ailments and diseases by adopting The Living Foods Lifestyle®.  Additionally, she discusses the cause of disease, why Raw and Living Foods is so beneficial, and the contribution of our thoughts to our overall health.  Finally, the book is packed with over 50 delicious recipes that Brenda has perfected with her marvelous understanding of how flavors mix to form exquisite dishes.  To order Brenda's book, click on the following Amazon link or call us: (800) 844-9876.

Other Books
Brenda's other books are available only through calling the Living Foods Institute at 800-844-9876.
"Get Started Now Towards Better Health”
"101 Raw and Living Food Recipes”
"Colon Cleansing For Optimum Health”
"Ten Day Course Raw and Living Foods Training Manual”
"Healing Fibroids, Endometriosis, Tumors and Cysts”
“A Plan For Health”
“Good Health Now”
"Quick & Easy Raw and Living Food Recipes Yellow Book”
Brenda was honored by Vita-Mix when they featured her incredible recipes in their new recipe book for The Professional Series Vita-Mix.  To order this state-of-the art food machine call the Living Foods Institute.