Featured Testimonial

I was a student in the February 2010 class at the Living Foods Institute and "I love my new lifestyle".  I got so many improvements. My high cholesterol is gone!

The FavresOct 4, 2009, before LFI

March 1, 2010, after LFI lifestyle change

My weight has dropped slowly and steadily to a much healthier level, but still has a little ways to go.

My high blood pressure is also dropping!
Multiple measures in December 2009

Mar 4, 2010 

A former problem in my blood, high calcium, is also now normal.

All in all, I'm just healthier. In twelve days we accomplished together what I was unable to do on my own for a period of over ten years. Wow! Thank you Brenda and all the staff at the Living Foods Institute in Atlanta.

~Jim Favre