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In my wildest dreams I never dreamed I'd write this testimonial about my experience at Living Foods Institute, how my life changed and the blessings that came with it.
I have recently celebrated 5 years surviving Pancreatic Cancer.
My story began in 2012 when, as newlyweds, my husband and I received the news I had a very slim chance of seeing out a year.
Our lives were full, I had a very busy tailoring business along with being an avid long distance cyclist and Jim was successful with welding and self storage. We loved our lives. An in an instant things changed.
My cancer had also metastasized to my intestines and lymph nodes.
After a 11 1⁄2 hour Whipple surgery and months of recovery the chemo began.
I had little time to think straight but when I did I read.
The first book I was given by my yoga instructor, there was a sentence about Living Foods Institute. The next book I read was in no way related to the first, there was a paragraph about LFI. The third book another friend gave me there was a chapter about LFI. The universe was telling me something and now as weak as I was I had to convince my husband and family that this was my choice. It wasn't hard to convince Jim, after only two chemo treatments he and I both knew I would be gone soon. This was our only hope. As he told me later, when we boarded the plane for Atlanta he was sure it was a one way trip for me. Jim really only went to LFI to support me but was soon swept into the new healthy life.
We were greeted with love and absorbed every bit of information.
We learned about the benefit of massage, colonics and many many other treatments.
Each day our class grew closer with mornings in the kitchen learning how to prepare the foods our bodies needed to heal and after lunch we focused on different healing subjects, mind body and spirit. Some days early on I was wrapped in a blanket curled in a comfortable chair unable to eat. I was so determined to participate in every day. It was eight days before I felt the turn, it was as though I was in a new body! My toxins were gone, not only the daily toxins we are all exposed to but also the poison of Chemotherapy that had ruined my immune system. My strength was coming back. It was just days ago I had been to weak to brush my own hair and the constant ringing in my ears had disappeared. My husband put away his “cheaters” for reading his text messages and his energy soared. At our graduation emotions ran high. We had seen some very drastic changes. I remember one gal telling me she was so afraid to hug me just ten days earlier and wow did she hug me that day! Another woman in our class who truly amazed us was in a wheelchair when she arrived unable to walk, feed her self or complete a sentence, she walked to the microphone that day and had such hope of what another month of this lifestyle change would do. Many of us were saying goodbye to drugs our drs told us we must take. I returned home and eliminated sixteen prescriptions.
My husband had carried me onto the plane on the trip to Atlanta, the day we flew back to Boston I carried my own suitcase!
When we returned home we had many questions and concerns. There was always help from the staff at LFI, they have been an extended family.
The healing my body did with the help from the Jane and all of the wonderful people who work as a family was beyond words remarkable! I soon went back to my oncologist in Boston who questioned my blood work asking what I was doing differently. When I told her I was walking away from the rest of the treatment she had planned she couldn't fight me, my labs were proof. It has been my pleasure to speak with folks who have questions about our experience at LFI. It is a very scary decision to make when drs, family and friends all believe that our medical world is the only route. So now well over 5 years later, my husband still starts each day with making “ energy soup” in the vitamix and I juice our favorite raw vegetables. We have traveled across the United States coast to coast in our Motorhome for the past four years, seeing this beautiful country and many people that make it up. Finding ways to share our life's lessons and meeting many like minded folks. Not to mention avoiding cold weather. By the Grace of God I am healed I am so grateful for LFI, I am alive today because of all the Angels there! Thank you God


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My September 2017, 10 days healthy lifestyle program was the second after 14 years when I attended Brenda Cobb's 10 days program in Miami.At that time I became vegan with all the health benefits including being able to go from a size 16 to 2 and maintaining a healthy weight and having overcome alopecia, constipation, chronic pain in all my joints, and digestive problems. This time I had amazing results. I felt lighter specially in my left leg, and liver. When I got back, I had an annual blood test to check my vitamins D3, B12 and iron. In all my score was high. The doctor was in shock considering I have been vegan for 14 years thanks to Brenda Cobb. I couldn't believe it.! The doctor asked me which institute I attended. When I said Livingfoodsinstitute.com, she wrote it down inmediately. This was my 1st time at the Institute in Atlanta.This is a unique loving, healing, joyful place with all Brenda Cobb's paintings, her loving welcoming session, the new therapies, emotional healing therapists, Maria's professional living food demos and recipes, Julie with her non-violence sessions, Wendy with her soothing colonics, and consultations, Jane with her affirmations, personal story, classes about herbal blends, superfoods, supplements, essential oils, and the power of words. A One of a Kind healing experience: Body - Emotions - Mind - Spirit Blessings to Brenda Cobb and all her staff at the LivingFood Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. You gave me the most precious gifts: Recovering my Health and Feeling Younger, Alive, and Vibrant.

~Estela WindWalker Delgado - Miami, Florida

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At Living Foods Institute we become family. We gather together in the kitchen and prepare wholesome, nourishing foods and learn about the benefits of essential oils and herbal supplements. We detox, sweat, exercise and sometimes even cry to let it all out. Everyone who participated experienced weightloss. Others who came with ailments noticed less symptoms and felt so much better. I love LFI and I am looking forward to be back in December.

~Astrid Zedler - San Francisco, California

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I entered my journey and was cautiously optimistic and I had set two very modest goals: to get off so many medications and lose a few pounds. I decided to chronicle my results daily which is not always a good idea because you can become consumed with the numbers but I knew I would not let that happen. So, day 1 begins, nice size class around 20 students with diversity: backgrounds, ages and ethnicities but to my surprise I was the only Male. I do not believe in coincidences so my thought is God placed me here for a reason so let the journey begin. Around day three we really came together as a group and our personalities become visible as well as our synergies and fences began to fall and trust begin to build; this was pretty cool. Many thanks to the staff, presenters, volunteers and therapist they were very knowledgeable and wise. I believe that wisdom is the application of knowledge and they did this very well. During this journey, I learned about a healthy life style which begins with eating healthy but includes so many other things as well. I use the word journey to describe my time at Living Foods because that is what it is, it’s a journey that included many wonderful people on the journey for their own personal reasons but all seeking the same thing; wellness. Before I forget my glucose, numbers were around 125 when I began and they are now around 85 with alternating meds every other day and I also lost 16 pounds, all of this in just 10 days; now that’s a testimony!!! To all my sisters (smile) that begin this journey with me we have only just begun and I pray that I said something or did something to encourage, to help or to assist in some small way. As for me each one of you have contributed to me personally in one way or another through your actions, reactions, silence, sharing and more and I am eternally grateful and appreciative. Your presence made a difference! Continue your journey and let’s keep in touch and share our successes as well as our failures because the journey will have both. I wish you peace, happiness and WELLNESS!

~MD - Fairburn, Georgia

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Words cannot do justice in describing my raw food lifestyle!! This journey began when 3 other friends said they were going raw for a month and wanted to know if I would like to join them. I have no health challenges but am always looking to take wellness to the next level. I said I would, but needed a few weeks to clear the cabinets. Besides it was almost Thanksgiving! I mentally decided I would start after Christmas. I had a party and had baked this amazing zucchini cake and had some of it. After the party was over and everyone left I had to ask myself why I was waiting because I felt heavy from that baked cake even though it was made with excellent ingredients. That day, December 22, I decided to go 100% raw and next month it will be 10 years since I made that choice!! I had prepared a stash of foods I could have when I began because I was sure I would be starved and it never happened. Those foods are so nourishing.

Previously I had purchased the 10 day program of Living Foods Institute of Brenda Cobb knowing my friend and I would attend sometime within the year of our purchase. I came very close to not even going because I knew raw foods and had been doing them for a few months. What a mistake I would have made had I not shown up! Not only did I learn about foods and prep but the fact that there is so much more to the lifestyle besides the food. Our emotions, our thoughts, our attitudes are huge!!! I would have forever missed those vital pieces!

My friend and I attended the 10 day program and then I returned 2 more times to complete the instructor’s program. The therapies there are great for detoxing. I still use the rebounder which is a part of the program every morning. Basic foods that are instrumental in the program are veggie kraut and sprouts which I now have made for almost 10 years. Brenda introduced me to E3Live which I also still use. The coconut oil and essential oils they offer are also a part of my program.

I am a yoga teacher, teaching 5-7 classes per week, and a behavior specialist for the local schools. In my free time I love to water ski which I do 5 days out of 7 each week all summer. Then there is walking our puppy for at least an hour daily, kayaking, and biking. I have more energy than I know what to do with. I have no aches and pains and am blessed with great health!

I travel frequently with John, my husband, and the raw program works well everywhere! I take my coffee grinder, flax seeds, sprouting seeds, sprout bag, nuts and seeds with me. No matter where we stay I can grow sprouts in the condo, grind my flax seeds, and take them with me to find a great salad for dinner. You would be amazed how simple it really is!

I encourage every one of you to find the ideal percentage of raw that works best for you. I have chosen 100% but just know your body will be grateful for whatever percentage you choose, remembering the higher the better as your body becomes more comfortable with such a great lifestyle! It has been so much fun! I cannot image ever going back to eating cooked food and I was 30 years without red meat before I started this! The all raw plan just took me to a new plateau!! The best plan is to just jump in and try it! Brenda’s facility, Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, is a great and safe place to begin as you are surrounded with like adventurers and will have great love and support there that lasts a lifetime if you allow it!!!

Enjoy your raw adventure!!!! You will be glad you tried it!!!

~Dar Dechant - Syracuse, Indiana

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My time at the Living Foods Institute was remarkable. In the kitchen was like "cooking" with an angel and we didn’t cook anything. The food tasted great and I thought that raw food would be just for rabbits, but I was so wrong. Our teacher had such a gentle approach, vast knowledge and grounded energy that was the perfect combination for helping me feel comfortable.

When I first came I didn’t know if I would be able to get in the kitchen to learn the recipes because the disease I was diagnosed with, Lou Geris, makes my muscles weak and I get really tired, but my son came with me and he told me that he would learn the recipes so he could help me when I go home.  The first day I just rested and didn’t go in the kitchen, but everyone talked about how much fun it was so I decided that I would try it out on day two. I am so glad I did.  When I got in the kitchen it was like I felt stronger almost instantly.  If you had told me that would happen I would have thought it was a bunch of hype, but it really did change me.  There is such an incredible healing energy and love at Living Foods Institute and everyone helped my spirits to rise. I was depressed for so long because of my disease and just coming to the Institute helped me see that I was my worst enemy.  I had decided to be the “victim” and kept thinking “why me”, and “what did I do to deserve this?”  The emotional healing classes and Jane, the amazing Jane, helped me to see that I did not have to be a victim and that I could heal this.

I had a huge breakthrough in working with energy healing. The DNA treatment was amazing, and then working with Deborah and the Bach therapy brought some truly transformative healing that was years in coming. I believe that the cleansing of mind and body were completely integral to the change in my perspective, and I emerged with a lightness I have not had in years. 

I have a whole different attitude now and as Jane said, “Change MY attitude, change MY life”, and I can say that I have really changed for the better.  I don’t hurt anymore. I have more energy than I can remember having for a long time.  I feel better all the way around and my son said that he hadn’t seen me smile so big in years.  I am smiling because I have something to smile about. “I am healed by the Grace of God” and with the help of everyone at Living Foods Institute.

I hope my sister will come and heal her diabetes.  I told her about Larry, in my class, who was able to get off all insulin in just a few days of the course and how he lost 15 pounds.  My weight was too low when I came and I gained 3 pounds!  That is a miracle.

Thank you to EVERYONE who made this incredible and magical experience possible.

~Anne W., MA

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I am a skeptic of everything!  Enough said. I am also a man of few words so here goes.  My daughter told me I HAD to come to Living Foods Institute.  I did not want to.  She forced me! I have ALS and it is no fun.  I have been angry for a long time and now I know that I have made myself worse with my bad attitude thanks to Jane’s teachings and the other teachers and they were right.

I came here drooling and I don’t do that anymore, except for salivating for the good tasting food that I knew I would hate, but it is really good.  I had shortness of breath and I am breathing normally now.  My speech was impaired and now my daughter and others at the Institute tell me that I am speaking much better and I am.  I have been in a wheelchair for a while and refused to try to walk, and I was up and walking around with the help of my daughter in just a few days of coming.  My feet and legs were so swollen when I arrived that I looked like I had balloons in my feet.  All the swelling has gone down and even my shoes are too big now.

I don’t choke on my food anymore and that is a miracle.  I have changed my attitude now that I have been through this program.  I think in a different way and I am positive rather than negative.  My daughter says that this is a miracle because over the years I had become very negative. I was not hopeful when I came and was resistant to everything but that changed too.  Jane and the other teachers are very knowledgeable and even an analytical skeptic like me is convinced.

I have a future now and I am happier (can’t believe I said that, but it is true). I am back! I am grateful that my daughter made me come here and that she came with me.  If it hadn’t been for her I would still be an angry man with not hope.  Now I know I can do better and completely heal.

~John L, NY

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I took the 10-day program at the Living Foods Institute in February, 2008.  I had already begun to prepare some raw foods meals but needed to learn more to make this a complete lifestyle for myself.  I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1998 and had surgery but no follow-up treatment.  In 2005 I was diagnosed with a recurrence of ovarian cancer and this time, it was suggested I go through chemotherapy.  I started chemotherapy treatments but was alarmed at the side effects, particularly the negative impact on my bone marrow and blood cell counts, so I stopped chemotherapy after four treatments, receiving only half of the recommended protocol.  I started working with a holistic nurse to reclaim my health and followed her recommendations until I attended the Living Foods Institute.  My reason for attending the Living Foods Institute program was to learn how to strengthen my immune system through the process of getting more enzymes and greater alkalinity.  What I learned was SO much greater than that!  I came wanting to learn how to heal cancer but what I learned was how to heal my fear of cancer. 

After just 10 days of raw foods, daily wheatgrass, energy soup, Vegi-Kraut and Rejuvelac, I felt great!  And, I felt empowered to be in charge of the state of my own health!  As I have continued with the lifestyle, this feeling of empowerment has continued and I no longer am afraid of this disease.  My diet consists almost exclusively of organic, raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and sprouted legumes.  I occasionally supplement with steamed vegetables and organic grains such as quinoa.  I juice wheatgrass and make energy soup on a daily basis.  My supplements consist of coconut oil, the Vitamin/Mineral raw food powder, liquid oxygen, E-3 Live, and a number of the Botanical Medica herbal tinctures. 

I take walks and go bicycling on a daily basis.  I also jump on my rebounder daily.  I take care of my energy through energy work, acupressure, and other "high vibrational secrets" I learned in the class, such as listening to classical music, practicing tai chi and Qigong and using high-quality essential oils.  I take care of my emotional energy to the best of my ability and re-read Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life" regularly, incorporating positive affirmations into my thinking patterns. 

I could continue, as I have made my health such a priority that it has become my "job".  A really FUN job!  But the main thing I've found is that when I changed one thing, it was like a wonderful game of Dominoes!  One thing leads to another.  For example, the foods make me feel such energy that I want to juice wheatgrass, which leads me to want to do other detoxifying things such as the rebounding, which gives me energy to want to dance, which makes me search for high-vibrational music, which leads to new hobbies (Latin dance class) and skills (burning CDs to make rebounding music), which makes me feel creative!  I've begun to make beautiful fabric flowers to give to women as a symbol of growth, empowerment, courage and joy. 

I needed the 10 days to begin to experience the well being my body was capable of feeling.  After that class, it has been impossible for me to revert to habits that don't serve me well.  I will always be grateful for such an excellent, holistic education that taught me to go forward without fear and with the knowledge to create an entirely new lifestyle.  Thank you!

~Sincerely ~ Robyn Nolen

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This experience at the raw Living Foods Institute has been an experience I will never forget. The Institute itself was amazing in its design of the program and the process of the experiences we all encountered. Each employee was 100% committed to us for our healing. And the space was a welcoming space for healing to occur. As far as my personal experience, I did it!  This was the most challenging experience that I have ever chosen to do in my life. I was up and down on an emotional, mental and physical roller coaster towards personal self-awareness. This course opened my eyes to believing in my personal healing for the 1’st time since the dis-ease diagnosis (7yrs ago) of ALS (Lou Gehrigs). I was a “wreck” when I came to the Inst. I had lost my will to live and mostly stayed isolated in my home.  My daughter found out about Living Foods and she wanted me to come but at first I didn’t want to because I didn’t think it would do me any good. I was having a lot of trouble swallowing and I didn’t think I would be able to even eat the foods, but I am happy to say, I was wrong.  The energy soup (I didn’t like at first) tasted better everyday and after the first 3 days my swallowing improved so much I wanted to shout hallelujah. I was in a wheelchair when I came in because my legs were so weak.  By Day 6 I was walking around on my own. I was shocked, but my daughter said that she knew that would happen. I got better everyday and I was sleeping so sound at night (I hadn’t had a good nights sleep in years) that I felt more refreshed and had more energy than I can remember when.  I am now a believer in herbs, colonics, foods and going within (emotionally) to heal.  I never knew that the way I thought and my emotions could play such a part in my getting this disease. I am going to stick with everything I learned when I get home.  I wonder what my doctor will say when he sees me. He didn’t think that coming to Living Inst. would help me, but it really did.  This is a new tool in my life for me to use. I will never go back and can never go back to who I was.

Thank you to everyone at Living Foods Institute for your generosity and time to serve and awaken us to healing. And, thanks to my daughter Shirley.  If she had not “pushed” me I would never have come.  Even our relationship has gone to a whole other level now.  I am so grateful.

~Meredith P., Florida

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I came to LFI to heal and continue to learn how to protect my body from cancer through nutrition.  I am leaving with that and so much more!  When I thought I would really “clean house” through this program I realized there are so many rooms in my house that have been closed up tight and my house is so big, there are rooms I didn’t even know existed.  I now have the tools to open those doors and not be afraid to enter those rooms.

I feel so blessed to have been a student at LFI!   I have an attitude of gratitude!  The love, knowledge, kindness and compassion is overflowing from every staff member and volunteer is so inspiring!

I have gained strength, knowledge, peace, love, confidence, courage, a renewed sense of responsibility, health, faith, hope, insight, friendships, understanding, compassion and the gift of realizing God is working in me, around me, and through me for good and with that knowledge and true belief I know I can do anything!

There are so many parts to the blessing you all have shared with me but the one I am so grateful for is that I no longer fear my own body or cancer for the first time in four years.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bless all of you; you are a special, amazing group and I thank God for you!!
Much love,

~Michelle N., Madison, WI

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This class was like a journey I have not experienced before or expected to take.  I came to this institute to learn how to heal my body with food and to learn about nutrition.  What I am taking away with me is purely immeasurable.  Most importantly, I am taking home with me the power to heal myself and releasing the fear of my life in other people’s hands.  Specifically, my doctor’s hands.  I don’t need to look to an M.D. to heal my body.  God and myself will heal my body.  The food I choose to nourish my body is also going to nourish my soul.

In these days at the Institute I have released negative emotions tied up in my body, released toxins held captive in my body.  Bloating, unhappiness, fear, and anxiety are being released.  My eyes which once needed drops to keep moist are no longer needed.  The fatty spots on my legs are disappearing.

I am leaving this institute with a pure sense of calmness I haven’t felt since I was an 8 year old.  I am filled with happiness.  I walk taller instead of being hunched over.  I can’t stop the smile on my face that stretches from ear to ear.

Brenda’s wealth of information and Jane’s words and ability to empower have meant more to me than I can ever express.  I was meant to be here – I am cancer free.  My cup runneth over.  My heart is filled.

~Amy C., Wrentham, MA 

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I always heard about other people having “life changing experiences”, and I always wished I would have one.  With this 10-day class, I finally did!  It was amazing to be around so many like-minded people.  I’ve been studying food, nutrition, and natural remedies for around eight years, and this class pulls everything together and makes it all make sense.  As I heard many people say throughout this course, “This is IT!”

~Jodee B., Chicago, IL

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I came only because I did not want to remove my gall bladder surgically.  I even thought it might have been unaffordable.  I had no clue what to expect.  However, I have gained so much more than I could possibly imagine.  I can truly say what I have gained will allow me to now live my life with freedom and lock of fear.  Fear of illness etc.  Thank you for showing me how to really take care of my family.  I always thought that going to work and making money is what that requires.  But now that I know the true meaning of “care” I shall implement it in all aspects of my life.

~S. Edwards, Pembroke Pines

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During 2003, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  I was referred to an Oncologist (who informed me that I would have to undergo chemo, surgery, chemo, and radiation and I needed to start right away.  The Oncologist also indicated that I had a very low percentage of the possibility of survival. 

One year later, I found an MD, who also was a Naturopathic Doctor.  She informed me that the chemo and radiation was toxic and would remain in my body for a long time.  She suggested that I go see Brenda Cobb and gave me a pamphlet about The Living Foods Institute.  Some time later, a friend invited me to a seminar at the Living Foods Institute where I met Brenda and Jane.  After completing the seminar, I signed up for the Healthy Lifestyle Course.

Oh my God, if only I had known about this program in 2003, I would not have undergone chemo, surgery, radiation and now facing another surgery for breast reconstruction.  I would have sign on with the Living Foods Institute and would have been enjoying a healthier lifestyle long before now.  But that’s all right.  GOD IS GOOD and it is never too late.

This course was phenomenal.  I was looking forward to sessions on how to prepare raw and living foods and their benefits.  But to my pleasant surprise, this course included our overall lifestyle both physically and mentally (emotional and spiritual healing).  Because of all the training and interactions among instructors, kitchen staffs, the attendees and let’s not forget those outstanding therapists, I can truly look forward to a new me.  What a transformation.  I will be recommending this program to others.  This was the best 10 days of my life!!

Special Thanks to Brenda, Jane and all of the Staffs at Living Foods Institute for helping me to make these changes and giving me a new way of life.  May God bless each of you in all of your endeavors.


~M. H., Decatur, GA

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For over 30 years I have been very health conscious.  I learned about the importance of eating whole, natural foods and eliminating processed foods.  I considered myself healthy.  I hardly ever got sick, rarely needed to go to a doctor, and was never in the hospital.

Ten years ago, a major painful upset occurred in my family, causing much grief and distress.  From that time on I dealt with much depression and anxiety.  My energy ebbed away.  I felt very unproductive and I often felt guilty about it.

During the past year, my resistance became low.  By last November, I reached the lowest point ever.  The company I had invited for Thanksgiving had to cancel.  I was so relieved!  I was too wiped out to handle the preparations.  When the week of Thanksgiving arrived I had no energy or desire for anything close to a traditional feast.  I knew having that kind of food would make me very sick.  I was in a crisis.

I found a newsletter from Life Grocery in Marietta that had some raw food recipes by Brenda Cobb.  I prepared a few simple recipes for our holiday and all the cells in my body were excited and invigorated by the great tasting raw foods.  The next day I found her book, The Living Foods Lifestyle®. I bought the book and devoured it.  It made sense.  I wasn’t getting enough raw food.  I was not assimilating the good foods I did eat.

I attended the Living Foods 10-day course.  There I ate only raw foods and my body began detoxing.  My body felt much lighter and my energy increased.  In therapy sessions and classes I received powerful tools that helped to remove a lot of emotional toxicity.  I was able to break through and experienced spiritual awareness at a level beyond where I’ve been before.  I am excited about going forward using what I have learned.  I expect great things!

~C. B., Kennesaw, GA

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I came to Living Foods Institute to heal Lou Gehrigs disease. Honestly, I wanted to believe this program would help me, but I was scared because my doctor all told me that there was nothing that would help me and that I should not get up my hope.  In fact, when I told my doctor I was going to Living Foods Institute he rolled his eyes as it to say “that’s just crazy, it won’t help you.” But, I had heard of others who had a good experience at Living Foods Institute and I thought "what did I have to lose?" I was diagnosed in January 2004 with Lou Gehrigs when I was 54 and my muscles kept getting weaker and I had some spasms in my arms and sometimes in my legs.  I couldn’t climb the stairs and had a hard problem walking. As I started the program, I thought I would learn how to eat living foods to heal, but in fact, I got a lot more than just what foods to eat. The class gave me a whole new lifestyle and ability to see the world differently. I had pretty much given up mostly because the doctor kept telling me that I just needed to resign myself to this horrible disease, but I really wanted to do more in my life and I have a wonderful family and grandchildren that I wanted to be around for. The class showed not only food, but showed me how my thoughts, feelings, and actions affect my health and life. Food is NOT the only key to good health. The emotional healing I received during the 10-day class alone was worth every penny of the cost, and eating and preparing the food was a bonus.  Just in a few days at the Institute I felt stronger and by the end of the class I didn’t have any twitching.  The staff is incredible, loving and caring as well; their knowledge and pleasant attitude made us all feel like a family while we were in class.

What a great combination of topics to heal the body, mind and spirit. I am now on my way to heal completely, and ready to change my lifestyle. I can’t wait to go back to my doctor and for him to see all the improvements I made in just a short time.

I came in with no hope and now I have all the hope in the world.  That is the best gift of all.  Thank you so much to Brenda, Jane and all of the staff and the therapist.  This was such a wonderful experience.  I am telling everyone about it.

~Bonnie S, New Jersey

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Wow! This class has exceeded all my expectations. I’ve been vegan for over 12 years but was still eating a lot of unhealthy and processed foods.  It seemed I always had some health problem. The main reason I came to LFI was to heal myself of my migraines, which had become so bad that I was one of the rare people who had ‘chronic daily headache’ meaning almost everyday I suffered with a headache.  For over 10 years I have had severe migraines that feel like someone is stabbing me in the side of my head with an ice pick. I actually quit my job 6 months ago because I was in too much pain to work.

I have tried over 50 prescription medications to no avail. When it got to the point that my neurologist’s next suggestion was that I try a medication that is actually banned in the US because it can scar lung tissues I knew I needed another route. I’ve tried many alternative therapies including chiropractic, hypnosis, biofeedback, and acupuncture. I didn’t get any relief.

When I heard about LFI I knew this was my last chance to get help, I’m glad I committed to this program. In the past 10 days I have not had one migraine. This is almost unheard of for me. I feel great, I have tons of energy, a more positive attitude and hope for my future. LFI has made a huge difference in my quality of life and I thank them for all the love and support they have given me. I believe that continuing on the Healthy Foods Lifestyle will bring and end to my pain forever. And I also lost 8 lbs in 10 days!

~Kim D., North Carolina

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Three years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Several days before my surgery I was shopping for after surgery clothes, I started talking to a lady and I shared my story about what I was about to go through. She handed me Brenda Cobb’s brochure, I took it home and read it. However, I was totally into doing everything my doctors were telling me. I had the surgery, chemo and continued living like I always had; eating, drinking, and little exercising. I was in total denial that this would not happen again. In March, the middle part of my back hurt, it was annoying but bearable. My doctor ordered radiation after the CAT scan showed cancer and a suspicious spot in my liver. In May I had another CAT/PET scan to learn my liver spot was also cancer.

During a move in June I came across Brenda’s brochure and thought I have to do this class and get on track if I want to live. This class has taught me so many things about my body, eating raw, and emotional healing. I want to thank Brenda for believing in herself and bringing these opportunities to all of us.  Jane (bless her heart) I want to thank her for her wonderful spirit teaching and understanding, and the incredible staff who are all angels. This is and experience I will never forget. Now I don’t have to worry about cancer ever coming back again.

~RS, Roswell, Ga.

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My name is Ilona, I am originally from Poland, and I am now living in Chicago. For many years my husband, Luboslav, has tried to convince me to change my diet. I never listened because I was raised a certain way and I really love the foods of my traditional background. One day he asked me to accompany him to an expo in Chicago. I finally agreed to go along with him, and to my surprise I became very curious. His intention was to expose me to further information that would allow me to see how my diet and health needed more positive attention. When I heard Brenda and Jane give so much amazing information about not only the philosophy of The Living Foods Institute, but of Brenda’s courageous battle against cancer, I was excited to pursue this lifestyle. Now having completed the program, I feel that I am on the road to a new and better lifestyle. These 10 days have not only helped me with my chronic migraines, but have given me great hope for Luboslav’s condition also being cured. His condition is now better because the raw and living lifestyle has made him increase vitality and he is more aware that he was right to want better health for the two of us. The treatments and therapies gave me immediate results. After merely 2 days of undergoing these incredible applications, I felt re-born. I have more energy, more enthusiasm and a new approach to what I want my life to be.

~Iona M., Florida

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My intention in coming to the Living Foods Institute was to get the tools to change to a healthier lifestyle. I have learned more than I ever expected and I feel confident that can complement the changes that will enhance my well being. An unexpected bonus of the program, for me, was in my personal growth. This group of people from all parts of the country, varying in age, ethnicity, experience and reasons for coming to the program, joined together to form a community. This has been one of the warmest, most loving and supportive groups I have ever experienced. I never felt judged. In such an atmosphere, it was easier to trust and share.

The emotional healing component helped me to get a better understanding of how my beliefs and expectations determined the quality of the relationships I attract. I came for recipes, techniques and information on living the raw foods lifestyle, and I have received so much more.

~AEJ, Lakewood Ranch, Florida

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Simply stated, this has been an extraordinary experience!  I had three objectives when I enrolled in this class:

  1. Supporting my wife Anna, who also enrolled in the class
  2. Detoxifying my body
  3. To have a better understanding of how to live a more nutritionally healthy lifestyle

I have most certainly achieved my basic objectives and more. This aside, there were additional benefits I gained from this class that I did not anticipate.

First of all, I have lost 8 pounds…..in ten days!  This was certainly beneficial and I feel good physically and mentally about this. Based on the comments of my classmates, it appears that everyone has lost weight; some in excess or twenty pounds! This is remarkable.

Second, I now have a nutritional road map for my dietary future. The responsibility is mine. I have NO excuses. I can no longer plead ignorance of my dietary choices.

Brenda, Jane and the Institute staff have been helpful in giving me a better understanding of the benefits of a raw diet and how to best integrate the diet into my lifestyle. Finally, the most pleasant surprise of the class was the spiritual healing component. I found the sessions that Jane led were deeply moving and thought provoking. The experiences and insights in those classes have helped me really understand and begin to bring closure to some issues I have dealt with for many years.

We were a very diverse group from many backgrounds, cultures and religions… a beautiful mosaic…. We were dealing with a variety of personal, health and emotional issues, but in the end we all wanted the same things…health, happiness and peace.

As I stated earlier, this has been a truly extraordinary experience…. One of the best!

~WJ, Florida

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I came to the Living Foods Institute with epilepsy, memory problems, and general fatigue.

After going through the program I feel 100% better!  The emotional as well as the physical therapies have done more good for me than any doctor or medication has ever done.  Thus, I am seizure free, my memory has improved, I have wonderful energy, my vitality is higher that it has ever been… and I got the bonus of losing 5 pounds.

Thank you to everyone at the Living Foods Institute and a big thank you to Brenda and Jane!

~MW, Atlanta, Ga.

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When I first considered attending the 10 day class at the Living Foods Institute, I saw it as a “remote possibility.” I really did not believe it would be possible for me to take 10 out of my life and leave my job, family, pets, bills, etc behind. With the encouragement of my best friend we decided to take a leap of faith and engage in this journey together.

I must say that this experience has been one of the most amazing adventures of my life. I have stepped out of my comfort zone and opened my mind to a whole new way of thinking. I will go home tomorrow night with a new attitude towards my health, my family, my relationships, diet and my life.

Change My Attitude – Change my Life

Thank you Brenda and Jane for all you have shared with us this week.

~LH, Cartersville, Ga.

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I came to Living Foods Institute to learn how to prepare raw food dishes and also to become as healthy as possible. At the time I signed up for the course, I was unaware of how much this experience would change my life. This course has helped me numerous ways. None of which are by coincidence and all of which are my destiny.  This experience has changed my life, it has probably saved my life and it has put reason back into purpose in my life.

In the past 10 days I have become re-enlightened, in fact I have never been more enlightened in my entire life and my purpose in life has never been more defined. I should not forget to mention that I have had pain in my lower back, around my right knee to my big toe every day for the past 2 years. By day 3 it was gone completely. I forgot that until day 9 that my feet, because of poor circulation, used to be so cold that it would take me 30 minutes under the covers before I could feel comfortable enough to try and sleep, and I live in Florida. Now I go right to sleep without any anxiety to keep me awake.
The incredible Emotional healing was the most powerful part of this program and it healed me immensely. I am a new person inside and out. I could have never done this without the support and love from everyone at the Living Foods Institute.

Thank you for everything that all of you have done for me.

~SG, Pompano Beach, Florida

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Coming to the Living foods Institute was truly a blessing for me. I came to the institute to take a look at how I could walk with a health challenge. I was beginning to feel horrible and felt I had no control of my health. My diabetic state was a source of great frustration.  I did not want do what my doctor said because I felt worse and worse as he added more medications for me to take.

Since being here I truly feel like I have gained control of my life – physically, mentally and spiritually. I have stopped taking 5 of the 7 medications that my physician had me on, and now the other 2 are soon to go.

My blood sugar is lower than it has been in 5 years, and I feel great.

But really…  The greatest thing that LFI has done was remove the fear of getting and being ill and replaced it with the joy of getting and staying healthy.

Much love to all of you

~Jaya B, Salt Springs, Florida

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I came to the LFI for 3 reasons: 1) To detox all he drugs and anesthesia I was given in my 5 month hospital stay for patella tendon repair and tibial fracture further complicated by two pulmonary embolisms; 2) To lose some of the 60lb weight gain I accumulated during that hospital stay: 3) To learn more abut live food preparation!

Well, all the expectations were met, and more.

I have bean using a walker since I first began walking last September. Progress was slowly developing, but the pains in my knees and lower back were severe. When I entered LFI June 1st, I was truly in pain. On day 5 I arrived at the LFI walker-less, and by day 9 I was able to stand without any pain. This was a bonus to my initial expectations.  I have detoxed the drugs out and my liver is no longer tender. I have more energy than I have felt since before my accident. There has definitely been weigh loss because my clothes fit differently and the swelling in my forearms are gone.  Not only do I feel lighter in body, but my spirit was lifted from the wonderful emotional workshops and private sessions where I had the terrific opportunity to work through the great fear I carried from my injury.

The kitchen was A+ and the delicious food was prepared and enjoyed daily. The training provided me with a solid knowledge of raw and live food preparation for me to continue this lifestyle at home.  My goal is to keep going with all the techniques until my desired weight is achieved and I feel as good, if not better than before

I thank all at LFI for giving me another life. I AM HEALED!

~Denise G, New York

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The last few years of life have been transformative. After a long separation my former husband and I divorced amicably after 34 years of marriage. For the first time in my life I was single and live alone. I began asking myself- who am I now?  What is my passion now?  How do I create my life now?  While I had released a tremendous amount of the emotional impact, I knew my digestion had been sluggish for years. Clothes that used to fit no longer did. I had been hearing abut Brenda Cobb’s living food program from friends for years. On the spur of the moment I decided to attend her 10 day class. Fortunately I was able get in. My body is healthier now than it has been in years. I now know how to incorporate eating raw into my life. As a bonus I lost 9 lbs. I am deeply grateful to Brenda Cobb and her staff of angels for the Living Foods Institute and this 10-day class.

~Susan B, Atlanta, Ga.

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I “thought” I was coming to the Living Foods Institute to learn how to prepare raw food and sprout greens and the invaluable “hands-on” experience. Little did I know that the valuable “hands-on” prep knowledge would pale in comparison to the whole mind body and spirit experience that would unfold over the 10 days!  This course has changed my life!!  The additional therapies and emotional healing classes absolutely balanced everything and make it complete. The whole stay is just fantastic!   Jane is great!!!  Brenda is such a ray of inspiration! Thank you all so much!  I’m so grateful that my path led me to the LFI!

~L L, Estes Park, CO

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After going to the doctors for almost a year because I couldn’t stop coughing, I was finally told I had lung cancer and it was in the 4th stage, which meant an operation would be dangerous. So it was decided I needed to take chemo and radiation therapy. I had 34 days of radiation therapy and nine treatments of chemo therapy, which did not solve the problem. My first check-up showed that the cancer was still growing!  Again I was faced with another round of chemo, but couldn’t take any more radiation. On the second Wednesday in February, I began my second round of chemo and it made me very ill. It was then I decided I couldn’t do this anymore. Needless to say a very good friend told me about Brenda Cobb’s Living Foods Institute. He called and spoke with her about my condition as well as myself.  During our conversation she said, she thought she could help me. And help was what I needed. We made arrangements for me to start class May 4, 2007. Not knowing what I was really getting into, I knew it couldn’t be any worse that what I had already been through.

My first day was really a blessing after learning that cancer could be healed without medication. Today, May 13 ends my 10-day program, and I’m healed thanks to Brenda, Jane, and all the staff that played a big part in my healing process. It has been the best 10 days of my life and a wonderful experience and blessing.

~R. J., Virginia

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When I first started the class, I was 30+ lbs overweight and my lasting blood sugar fluctuated between the “pre-diabetic” and the “diabetic ranges.

After the fifth day of class, my lasting sugar level was about 10 points lower and at the end of the 10-day program, I had lost about 10lbs.  Before beginning the course, I had real concerns about being able to eat just raw and living foods. But I took it a day at a time, and focused on the present, telling myself “just for today, I can do this” Doing this helped me make it through, along with the great support of Brenda, Jane and all of my wonderful classmates!  Some other changes I noticed was my skin seemed healthier, I have an overall lighter feeling in my body, and my outlook is more positive.

~JV, Atlanta, Ga.

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The Living Foods Institute program saved my life. In 1986 I was diagnosed with the end stage of renal disease. The function of both kidneys shut down.  The angels at the Living Foods Institute changed my life. It has taught me so much. I learned how to heal emotionally, physically, and most importantly spiritually. I have always been a person who loved to smile; the difference now is that when I smile on the outside, my heart is smiling on the inside. I am healed and I give thanks first to God, and then to Brenda Cobb and the entire staff of the Living Foods Institute. I will continue to let my light shine and be a positive beacon for the world. Everything I do, I do it with ease, joy and much love.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you.

~Valery M, Columbus, Ga.

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I came to Living Foods Institute to heal from tumors. As I started the program, I thought I was would learn how to eat living foods to heal, but in fact, I got a lot more than foods to eat. The class gave me a new lifestyle and ability to see the world differently. The class showed not only food, but showed me how my thoughts, feelings, and actions affect my health and life. Food is NOT a key to good health and the emotional healing I received during the 10-day class alone was worth every penny of the cost and eating and preparing the food was just a bonus. The staff is incredible, loving and caring as well; their knowledge and pleasant attitude made us all feel like a family while we were in class.

What a great combination of topics to heal the body, mind and spirit. I am now on my way to heal and ready to change my lifestyle.

~Bonnie S, Roseland, NJ

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This experience at the raw Living Foods Institute has been an experience I will never forget. The Institute itself was amazing in its design of the program and the process of the experiences we all encountered. Each employee was 100% committed to us for our healing. And the space was a welcoming space for healing to occur. As far as my personal experience, I did it!  This was the most challenging experience that I have ever chosen to do in my life. I was up and down on an emotional, mental and physical roller coaster towards personal self-awareness. This course opened my eyes to believing in my personal healing for the 1st time since the dis-ease cancer diagnosis (7yrs ago) I am now a believer in herbs, colonics, foods and going within (emotionally) to heal. This is a new tool in my life for me to use. I will never go back and can never go back to who I was.

Thank you for your generosity and time to serve and awaken us to healing.

~MK, Palm Beach, FL

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I want to share my healing experiences with you .I attended the Living Foods Institute course in Oct 2011 for the 3rd time actually. I always knew that if I got "really sick" then this was the place to go and program to follow. So last September 2011 it occurred to me “I don’t need to get “really sick”, I’m already overweight, living with type 1 diabetes for 30 years, on medication for depression, high blood pressure and high cholesterol…as if that’s not “really sick”. I contacted you and you graciously provided me a generous scholarship to attend the October 2011 class for which I will ALWAYS be grateful!!! This time was different for me, I was in a big transition time in my life and I knew the foundation MUST be health. I soaked up the class, stayed on course, met incredible people (some which will remain lifelong friends, I’m certain) and regained my health. Immediately I reduced my insulin intake by 60-70% and within a month I was off all medications for high blood pressure, cholesterol and depression. Now 6 months later, by changing to a vegan lifestyle, consuming 85-90% raw foods I have released approx 30-35 lbs (I only weigh myself at my quarterly endocrinologist visit), remain medicine free and feel happier than I have ever felt in my entire life. I am 48 years old. I am more spiritually connected, I feel positive and peaceful 99% of the time and the 1% I just remind myself…Life is Grand and All is Well!!! I just returned from a trip to the beach with 3 of my high schools friends and I can honestly say it’s the first time in my life I felt comfortable in a swimsuit on the beach. I am “in love” with life and everyone, it’s such an amazing feeling…it makes me just sit and smile sometimes. I’m making a positive impact on many people around me, simply by being a living example of possibilities. I could go on and on, my heart is full all the time!!! I’m excited to see what lies in store for me because I know as good as it is right now that my life is getting better & better all the time!!! God is so good.  Words don’t really express how thankful and grateful and I am to each of you and everyone at LFI, please just know that you all live in my heart and I wouldn’t have done this without you. LFI is a foundation for me. I love and adore you!!! Peace & blessings, Retha 

~Retha, Suwanee GA

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In December 2008 I went to the gynecologist and had a sonogram done to look at my ovaries. I was told that I had large ovarian cysts on both of my ovaries and that I could be put on hormones (birth control pills), or just deal with the pain. I had heard awful stories about cysts bursting and I knew that I did not want to go through that. I also knew that there was no way I was going to go on the pill. My doctor told me to come back in 3 months to look at the cysts again. I followed Brenda's protocol for healing fibroids, endometriosis, tumors, and cysts for 2 months straight. I was a little worried that I would see little improvement because I heard that the protocol should be followed for 6 months for better results. I have always had to take pain relievers or aspirin every couple of hours for the first few days of my period due to very painful cramps. This was the first time in my life that I did not have to take anything. I knew it had to be the ovarian herbs I was taking and the raw food diet. When I went back to the doctor in March 2009, my sonogram showed that I didn't have a single cyst. I couldn't believe that the protocol for healing worked in only 2 months! My doctor wasn't the least bit interested in what I had done, which shocked me as well. I feel great and I certainly have no pain coming from my ovaries thanks to Brenda!

~Eileen, 27 years old, Brooklyn, NY

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testimonial imageMy adventure to the Living Foods institute is one I never imagined myself taking. At the age of twenty two I was very much a non healthy eater, in fact I was a true junk food addict. I had no desire to eat healthy much less learn about taking care of my body. However in the Spring of 2007 at 22 yrs old I was diagnosed with Non Hodgkin lymphoma and a rare genetic blood disorder called Hemochromatosis.(too much iron in the blood) I was floored and over whelmed. By the middle of the summer the cancer has spread into stage 2. I was extremely sick and under the advice of doctors decided to try chemotherapy. By the second round into it it was very clear that the procedure was not working. In fact the cancer only began to get worse. On top of that any medicine for the cancer made the blood disorder worse and vise versa. I didn't know what to do. Then towards the end of summer of 07 my best friend stumbled upon an article talking about the living foods institute and that Brenda Cobb would be coming to our town to give a seminar. After going and taking in all the information and talking with Brenda, I decided that I would give it a try. My best friend Apryl and I were set to attend the ten day course in the Oct, however due to my health getting worse I had to prolong it until the Jan class of 08. When we arrived I was in the final stage of stage 3 cancer, I was very sick and weak. The first few days of detoxing were tough, I had so many toxins in my body that were needing out but by the fifth day I woke up with energy that i hadn't experienced in over a year. I learned how to take care of my body, why its important to eat healthy and how to prepare the right food.I was able to work on some emotional issues with Jane and the other wonderful therapies offered from Brenda and her staff, By the end of the ten days I felt great and was actually excited about the new healthy life style. I left the center with more energy and clarity and a refreshed sense of life. Three days after leaving the center I went to the doctor for a full check up to see where the cancer was at. After doing the tests over and over the doctors discovered that there was NOT one trace of Cancer or blood disorder in my whole entire body. I am completely healed! I am so thankful that God sent Brenda and her center my way, it was a truly AMAZING experience and most wonderful life style change I have ever experienced. Dear Brenda And Jane,

Happy New Year! I hope you are both doing well. I wanted to say hi, I can't believe that this time last year I was preparing to come to your center for the first time. So much has happened since that incredible week. I want you to know that that week changed my life in so many ways and I am forever grateful to you both and all that you do and provide at the living foods. In two weeks it will be my one year anniversary of being healed from Cancer! And one year of being 80/20 raw food! My health over all in every area has improved 100 percent, and emotionally I have worked through and healed in so many ways and I just have to say thank you.

I am really wanting to come volunteer soon, i was hoping to get to come to the Jan class (since thats the one I was in) but as of right now its not looking like I will be able to. My year has been filled with so much acting and industry work and travel, which is beyond amazing, only it hasn't left me with much free time. I am officially moving to California in the summer to pursue film full time, Apryl moved out there two months ago and is striving as a make up artist and actor. I am also producing a play this year and apryl and i are each writing a book and then a screen play together. Not only did your center help me personally but it saved my friendship with my best friend and made it stronger than ever.

I just wanted to say thank you again, you will never know how much you both and the center has meant to me. Every day I think about the center and how much is touched my life and every one there involved. I really also hope to come back and take the educator course soon. 2009 is going to be an awesome year and I send you lots and lots of loving and positive thoughts and to the new class of 2009. I hope that they all will kick off their year at your program the way I was able to.

Much love and Happy New Year!
~Bridgett Bryant

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I’ve been on the path to a healthy lifestyle for almost 50 years. I just recently learned the value of eating all- raw and this class has made it possible for me to choose all-raw as a way to eat. Thanks, Brenda, for your gift to us. I have referred a person said to be terminal by the doctors. Now we know we have alternatives for healing diseases.

~Janice Tate Gresham

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The Raw and Living Foods classes transformed and re-ignited my life with great joy! I know that God will continue to bless you, Brenda and Rich, and assist you to serve so many others. It has motivated me to open a place like this so that I may serve others and keep this chain of love and action going!


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Testimonial imageI’ve been on the path to a healthy lifestyle for almost 50 years. I just recently learned the value of eating all- raw and this class has made it possible for me to choose all-raw as a way to eat. Thanks, Brenda, for your gift to us. I have referred a person said to be terminal by the doctors. Now we know we have alternatives for healing diseases.

You step into a completely different realm when you enter this center. Thank you for allowing me to escape into a new part of my world and teaching me to hold onto it! This course has meant more about spirit and love to me than food. I saw first-hand the power of God in us, especially in a group of people where each and every member has the same focus. We can move mountains with enough positive thinking and energy. I learned what a beautiful spirit Brenda is, and how important it is to extend my love to people all around me. This class has taught me the power of love and the power that Living Foods has on my physical, spiritual and emotional being. Thank you so much, Brenda, for you dedication to healing people in body, mind and spirit, and thank you for blessing me with your knowledge. Your center will prosper and continue on forever, especially in spirit. This center has changed my life! I love you. God Bless You.

~Andrea Alvanos

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Testimonial imageThis Living Foods Class is wonderful! My purpose for taking this Living Foods training program was to gain knowledge and to learn how to prepare more healthy meals. I received more than I anticipated. Brenda has packed so much USEFUL information into these 10 days. I have six years of college education and can truthfully say this is one of the BEST, most practical, useful classes I’ve ever had. This lifestyle program is about total health, not just food. Spirituality, physical fitness, etc, are also emphasized. Last, but not least, I have enjoyed the participants in the class and have learned so much from them. And Brenda, you are a wonderful role model. Keep up the good work!


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I came to the institute to get more information on this healthy lifestyle only to be able to pass this information on to some of my clients. I ended up making a lifestyle choice for myself. I had no idea how complacent I had become about my energy levels, until I woke up on the ninth day and felt fabulous. I had become very used to the lack of energy, the little aches and pains, the upset stomach and headaches. I had no idea how bad it had become. Now I’m hooked on feeling good. Another surprise was discovering why I was hungry all the time: My body was not getting enough nutrition. Now I’m eating less and am very satisfied. I can’t believe how easy the food preparation is. This is the first food lifestyle I have found that is easy because my body is giving me 100% support. Good friends, good food and a very happy body!

~Dr. Peggi Hayett Ph.D. DCH

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I came here primarily to learn, in order to help my mother, who is very seriously ill with cancer. After reading Brenda’s story and her own healing through the living foods diet, I felt I could learn to follow this diet for my mother. Surprisingly, what I learned was a new way of life for myself and my family. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Brenda Cobb" seems inappropriate for all the benefits I learned about food, myself, and other beautiful, loving people. The 10-day course on Living Foods changed my life. As I continue on my spiritual journey this was an "incredible piece" to add for my own enlightenment and for my own personal life work. God bless you Brenda & Rich. Whatever I can do to support you, I will. "Om Shanti"

~Sharon Zukauckas

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This class has been a life-transforming experience for me. I began the class tired, overwhelmed and not very hopeful about my health, having been just diagnosed with uterine and breast fibroid tumors. Today, upon completion of this class, I feel certain that with the help of the most high God, and the knowledge and training I’ve received in this class, I will dissolve these tumors into the nothingness from whence they came. This class has not only improved my life physically, it has helped me to grow spiritually as well. I feel more in tune with my spirit and more empowered in making my healing a reality. I can’t say enough about my classmates. They are all wonderful. I am a better person because of my experience with them. This class has meant the world to me. I feel so much better, and I’ve learned a lot about food and its relationship to my body. I learned that live food keeps you alive, and that I must use what I have learned, and extend the gift of my knowledge to others. I thank Brenda for being an inspiration to me. She was always kind, patient and, most of all, full of energy.

~Ida Wilson

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This 10-day training in Living Foods has been a most unique experience for me. We have learned the how and why of this lifestyle and much more – a philosophy of life, the importance of a positive attitude and God’s influence and presence in our lives. I thank God every day that I followed my instincts to do this, because I have learned so much more than just how to prepare the Living Foods diet.


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For several years I have been trying to simplify my life. This way of life is not only simpler, it is healthier and better for the earth. My mind, my body, and my spirit tell me this is the best way to eat. I believe this way of eating will not only help me live longer; it will allow me to enjoy life until the very end.

- Karen Brooks

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This class has definitely been an inspiration to me. For so long I have been searching and seeking for a redemption of my mind and body. I’ve been on fasts and cleanses and nothing truly satisfied my heart. Finding this healthy lifestyle has introduced me to a brand new way of life that has been around since ancient times. Gradually I have been leading up to an all raw diet, so this program was the light and learning I needed. All I feel is love, for myself, for my family, for the people who I may have felt wronged me, and for the world. Many times people have a tendency to view the world as stagnant and wrong, yet when people decide to change their lifestyle to Living Foods, all they see is life. All I see is life and living, so I know I will live to be infinite. I definitely must give thanks to the Most High who has guided and protected me thus far. Peace and Blessings

- Aliyah Frazier

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What the Living Foods class has done for me:

  1. Helped me to focus on food as nutrition, not just for taste.
  2. Given me energy, while eating healthier.
  3. Educated me in recipes that use "live" foods.
  4. Allowed me to meet lots of nice folks who are interested in learning a way to improve their health and enhance their lives.
  5. Encouraged me to buy a Vita-Mix which I have thought of getting for awhile.
  6. Given me something to say while on the program "Today is my salad day!" (Thanks to Ed Bradley, one of the former students who came back to class to assist Brenda).
  7. A new mantra "Just Get Over It" (thanks to Brenda Cobb)
  8. Allowed me to think of wheatgrass as something more than a pretty decoration.

In order to continue for 10 more days I’m "pretending" I have cancer so that I can stay on target. A friend of mine said, "If I had cancer I would do the program." I say, "Why wait?"

- Mary Jo Strickland

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My profession as a psychiatric nurse has made me interested in what foods make me feel better and contribute to mental health. Neurotransmitters rely on good brain chemistry and this means use of proteins. This class has shown me the "ultimate utilization" of foods to reach that goal! I’ve always believed food heals, and God set the plan in motion. Can’t thank you enough for bringing this program to Atlanta. I have lost 10 pounds in 10 days. My God continue to heal and bless you.

- Carolyn

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What has this meant to me? Well, it was like a breath of fresh air. I have been "raw" for six months but have been looking for a family here in my hometown! Praise the Lord! Brenda’s testimony at Life Grocery was so inspiring. When I started the class I thought I already knew it all! But what I learned was that people need love and nutrition. We need to be taught how to spread the word. This class inspired and trained me how to express myself to others about this healthy lifestyle. God bless you Brenda and Richard.

- Jennifer Jackson

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What I have learned from class.

  1. How to eat the proper foods to heal me and make me feel great!
  2. I have learned how to prepare them to be delicious as well as nutritious.
  3. I have learned to clean my colon.
  4. I have lost 19 pounds during the 10-day class.
  5. I have met and made friends with many loving and kind and considerate souls!

- Hiawatha Eason

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Testimonial for Living foods Institute 10 Days Class:



My name is Randy, and I am writing this living testimonial article, of the experience I have adopting the living foods life style. I am a 62 year old Electrical/Mechanical Engineer. I ran a very successful business from 1974 to 1981. My business, as construction contractor, was worth well over 3.5 million dollars. In January 1981, I was forced file chapter 11 bankruptcy, for none payment of contracts. My chapter 11 was later converted to chapter 7 by one of my debtors who owe me over $10,000.00. I hired one of the largest Law firms in Atlanta, to represent me, with a $45,000.00 lien on my home, which couldn’t help me with reorganization plan, but was able to collect on the lien. You know how I felt then, “Very, Very upset”. April 22nd. 1981, I had a head on collision with dump truck and my Cadillac, which totaled the car with me in it. Three days later, after frequent urination, the doctor diagnoses me, as a diabetic. Let the treatments begin. No pills, no diets, or doctors could stop the culprit. “See the results”.

I have been a diabetic for over 20 years. 1984, I was put on insulin. I have taken as much as 110 units a day within the first nine-month. Doctors will not agree that too much insulin was administrated, which causes my kidney damages.

1986, I was told I have kidney failure, of which I was put on dialysis in 1995, and 1997 I received a kidney transplant. At one time, I took up to 28 pills a day, at a cost of over $2,500.00 per month. “Poor people cannot afford to be sick”.

Just imagine if you have no insurance and have to maintain a kidney transplant? Dialysis cost over $400.00 per day, transplant cost $140,000.00, pills cost over $2,500.00 per month, total over $540,000.00 over a 6 years period. Think about that. Ever since I had my kidney transplant, my blood sugar averages about 200 to150 daily. Always fluctuating. On May 3rd I attended a seminar at Living Food Institute, and I was convinced that’s the way to go. From May first to may 5th, my blood sugar runs between 194 and 148. I have been taking 75 units of insulin each day. Monday may 5th, I started the class. That day my blood sugar average 108. I took 75 units of insulin that morning. Day 2 I took 30 units of insulin, that day my blood sugar average 51. Day 3 I took 20 units of insulin, that day my blood sugar average 87. Can you see what Living Foods Institute can do for you?

Day 4 I took 10 units of insulin, my blood sugar average 50. Day 5 I took 10 units of insulin, my blood sugar average 96. Day 6 I took 10 units of insulin, my blood sugar average 99. Day 7 I took 10 units of insulin, my blood sugar average 142. Day 8 I took 15 units of insulin, my blood sugar average 96. In 7 days Living Foods has cut my insulin intake by over 62%. Is this a MIRACLE or what?

I am now insulin free and have been since completing the 10-Day Course in May 2003.

LIVING FOODS not only heal you Nutritionally, but there are positive and spiritual healing as well. If you suffer from diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney failure, cancer, impotence, chronic pains and all other illnesses, consult LIVING FOODS Institutes. I can testify to that. This was my condition and testimony during my 10 days with the Living Foods Life Style. Before I adopted the living foods life style, I could only walk 100 feet the doctors told me I needed a hip replacement, I couldn’t make a fist because of arthritis in my arms and fingers, I couldn’t lay on my back because I couldn’t breath, I kept a steady head cold, I could carry 8 lbs. 20 feet, to be honest, I had just about two weeks to live. Now, ninety days later, I have walked 6 miles, lift 60 lbs. 30 times repetition. I lose 40 lbs. no more colds, no more arthritis, and no more hip pains. I believe I am a very normal person now, except for muscle strength. Thanks to Raw and Living Foods Institute. May God bless Brenda Cobb, the Miracle Lady! Let keeps praying for her and her staff. You know that Living Foods Institute not only will heal you by changing your eating habits, but heal you physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.

NOTE: Race, color, religion, life style or gender, rich or poor, no one is turned away. “I KNOW BECAUSE I’VE BEEN THERE”. Visit one of the free seminars, and meet BRENDA COBB, the founder. I will be happy to meet with you, to tell you my story personally. Thank you and GOD bless you.

~Signed RANSFORD (RANDY) M. HYMAN. Sr. 8/30/2003

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This living foods experience introduction has been a turning point in my life journey to a healthier, happier, more energetic, beautiful me!! This is a big transition for me. I have been in a health foods store only a few times (these people are a little weird, I thought). Me, do organic?? Why??

But I have been slowly changing my attitude. My doctor has told me to give up meats to help my arthritis. I have not liked reading all the additives and chemicals listed on all the food I have been eating. As a scientist I know these can’t be good for me. But what could I do? Now I know – it's Brenda Cobb's healthy lifestyle.

This also appeals to the “control freak” part of me. I was so excited about started by first batch of rejuvelac. I was preparing fresh, non-contaminated food for me!! I was trying to eat a McDonald’s chicken nugget two weeks ago and could hardly get it down. Now I know my body was telling me – no more junk!

I have also been energized and healed by all the positive energy and agape love at the center. Powerful stuff! What a blessing! I thank you and bless you.

~Susan Tilghman-Dunwoody, GA

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This is one of the most positive things I have done in my life. This program energizes you, makes you sleep better, calms your nervous system. This program has brought up things I have read but have forgotten – how negativity can destroy your body and mind and only you can take care of yourself, and you are important enough to do so. Brenda, I commend you on your strength. This was a tough class. There are a lot of toxic livers out there. You handled yourself magnificently. I wrote you a letter but did not give it to you because I did not want you to think I was crazy, but I had a dream that a lady (it had to be you) came up to me and grabbed my hands and looked so intently in my eyes. Those eyes went through my soul. I had to close mine they were so intense. Then she laid or floated on top of me and took all this bad stuff away from me. I was afraid it was going to hurt her, but she was smiling and radiant. You could see the energy, like a bright light moving around us. That was a big experience. Thank you.

~Charlotte Wilson-Tucker,GA

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The 10-Day Class in Living Foods introduced me to a whole new way to look at health; what health is, how to regain it, build it, and preserve it. I learned a lot about cleansing, detoxifying and rebuilding the body with live, enzyme rich roods. This was a new concept to me, but I have learned so much about foods, the purpose of food, the effects of foods, and the preparation of food so that it has much more energy. This energy energizes my body.

When I began to detoxify, I began to have more awareness of the energy of food and the effect it has on my body as well as how my body feels when I put a particular food into it. I experienced a change in my level of energy from morning ‘til late at night when it is time to rest. I felt like I had more energy at all times. I felt more vibrant and joyful, more present and clear.

I felt supported, encouraged, hopeful, joyful and elated to be sticking with the program. I am glad that the center is here for us to come back to, so that we may continue to learn and get support in making a change in lifestyle.

~Marie Dahle-Chamblee, GA

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I really cannot describe in words how much the Ten Day Training Course has meant to me because I am in awe! These ten days have been such an awesome experience to me. I have met so many wonderful people and everyone has been open and receptive. The love and hugs were so genuine. All of the students presented so much love – most (and best of all) we worked so well together as a team.

You know, God is all-powerful and awesome. He brings people to places and surroundings that are meant to be positive and fulfilling. I truly believe that God brought me into this arena to help me to grow more physically, mentally and spiritually. Health has played such an important part in my life, and the Living Foods Institute and its lifestyle has pointed me to the direction that I will be in for the rest of my life!

Lastly, how can I forget the person who is responsible for all of this? I don’t. Brenda Cobb is the most sincere, compassionate person that I have met. Without her vision I believe that Ann Wigmore’s legacy cannot continue to go on. There are many, many people in the world who are sick physically and spiritually. I believe in my heart that if one could open up and take the first steps, this institute would help so many in getting into a positive lifestyle.

I want to thank all of the “staff” who showed so much love, especially Reed! Reed you are quite awesome. I love you, too. Thank-you, Brenda. May God continue to bless and anoint your efforts.

~Patricia Pearson-Lithonia, GA

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This course has been another step on my spiritual journey – a journey of oneness, of wholeness, of love, through the open hearts of Brenda Reed, and Joanne. I have learned how to restore and insure vibrant health to the body through preparing raw and living foods given to us in such abundance by the most generous creator.

I will eat and live with gratitude for the vital force alive in me through these exquisite works of nature. I have learned to care for my skin, teeth, and hair in a natural way, and I feel empowered that I no longer must depend on other companies to provide for me.

I have learned more about the reality of opening up to all I am destined to be, fulfilling my purpose for this life. But mostly, I have experienced love, through the eyes, smiles and hugs of everyone. We all have come from so many different places to gather together in this safe space to heal, to grow, to love, and to support one another.

From here we go outward to heal, to grow, to love, to support our families, friends, acquaintances, and our beautiful mother earth. Brenda Cobb has created a sanctuary, a place of light, and for her, I am truly grateful. Thank you God for Brenda, Reed, Joanne, and everyone.

~Sallie Worley-Atlanta, GA

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Through this class, I experience my heart opening up…to new possibilities, to kinder acceptance of myself, to the profound wonder and sacredness of my life that seemed more routine lately. I truthfully came to class with several vague goals – one being related to my interest in working with “patients” and their families who have been given a serious diagnosis via my “new” marriage and family therapy license. Now I know that my own life is changing in unexpected and blessed ways, and my work (official) may or may not be in this area. It doesn’t matter as much now.

I know that my intuition will be clearer because of the already lighter way I do feel; in prayerfully and intentionally finding a job I am meant to find. In other words, the emotional and spiritual component facilitated by Reed and led by Brenda…supported by the loving and insightful classmates and a new way of nourishing and cleansing my body, have been profound. Also, I am thrilled to be free of my dependency upon coffee and so many foods and drinks that kept me hostage. At times I felt powerless over their control and felt badly about my lack of conviction. I loved the experience and am grateful for this new beginning. Thank you!

~SH-Atlanta, GA

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Following my intuitive, I knew I needed a vehicle to raise my physical and spiritual life to a more conscious level. I also knew that something which could offer not only a change in eating but one that I could feed my body on a more sacred level and at the same time honor my spiritual life was needed. I have found this through Brenda Cobb's healthy lifestyle course. Not only am I grateful for the Living Foods Institute, Brenda and other committed employees, I am thankful for the new friends and support from other students. An awesome experience!!

~Darlene Ruesink-Marietta, GA

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I am very grateful for being able to receive all this information on Living Foods to heal all aspects of my being. Also, I should add, informative on emotional aspects of our healing.

I am grateful to you Brenda, for making all of this available to us. Your dedication and clarity in presenting this with love and humor has been wonderful and so helpful in understanding all this information. You were willing to answer all questions. The abundance of food, rejuvelac and wheat grass to us, plus the food to take home was very appreciated by myself and I feel all of us.

I feel this training you have given could help so many lives if more were open to it. We have (myself) to decide to have the courage and dedication to do this, to change our lives and those around us, which also goes out to others.

The manual you have given us is so complete, it is amazing. You have seemingly coved every aspect. I’m sure it has taken many hours of research and study to compile this.

It has been a wonderful experience. I can feel the difference in my body and emotions. I feel clearer in my mind, and more peaceful in my emotions. A flat stomach is so wonderful! I’m so grateful for that. Never knowing after eating which skirt or pants I could get into, with my stomach “blowing up”. I finally just used everything with elastic in the waist. Now I’m putting on pants with zippers. I’m in awe of this.

Thank you for your love, your humor and all this information you have made available to us. Watching your staff and workers everyday has been inspiring to me. They work so quietly, quickly and totally focused, with seemingly endless energy and humor, and also not to forget the love they send out – you can feel it.

This has been truly an inspiring experience and I am so grateful that I decide to do this for myself. Hopefully I can help my family in changing some, as they are able. I am so grateful to you, Brenda, and to all who work with you for making this a wonderful and life changing experience.

May God continue to surround you and all who work with you with many blessings.

~NR-Atlanta, GA

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Whenever I first heard of the “living foods”, I automatically assumed salads and fruits. So, I cam to hear Brenda one day, and felt I should take a class. I signed up for the 10 Day Training with the expectation of just losing weight. This was my biggest “goal”. On our first day of class everyone shared their personal feelings of why they were here. I remember thinking how that person is a little deep, will she ever shut up and all I want to do is lose weight, so stop talking and tell me the “magic cure”.

After about 4 days, I realized that to be healthy you have to have a mind, body, and spirit connection and the rest will follow. The 10 Day Training has showed me how to connect to myself and look at the world with an open mind and soul. It’s all about making the connection within yourself and freeing your spirit and life of negative people. Also, through these 10 days I now have the knowledge and desire to follow my dreams of becoming a natural health practitioner so I too can help save a spirit.

~Elke Funk-Lawrence, GA

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I came to this class because I wanted to be healthy and I wanted my family to be healthy. I didn’t realize just how unhealthy I was. I have always been a vegetarian and for a year, a vegan, but I was still fatigued, so fatigued that getting out of bed to care for my children was a chore, and daily tasks seemed insurmountable as I fought the fog that seemed to surround me.

I have been almost 100% raw food for a month, and I no longer feel like I’m in a fog or fighting a flood of water when I go about my tasks. I wake up awake. My mind is clearer. I am more charitable with everyone. My appetite has decreased. I’ve lost 8 lbs., and I realized that I Am Important through the emotional cleansing we’ve done here.

I will thank God for Brenda Cobb and the Living Foods Institute for the rest of my life.

~Mary Myers-Atlanta, GA

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This class meant so much to me that I hesitate to write it down and risk understating it. I have always known that something was not right with me but didn’t really know what it was. I was critical of myself and others. I had trouble keeping details straight. I felt the life that myself and society in general were living was not optimal. After the birth of my children (where my doctor recommended elective caesarian sections), I had some bad experiences with infections specifically and a feeling in general that the doctor did not have my well being in mind. My daughter suffered from ear infections and eventually a very bad urinary tract infection where she ended up in an Army hospital in a third world country and I was handing her to them and hoping they could “fix” her. I was so scared. To say that they mismanaged the situation (strapped to a papoose board for 5 hours, told me to leave her in her crib alone so I could get some rest…) would be a huge understatement. I remember also when I brought her in for immunizations and almost threw up knowing somehow that this was not a good idea. I was coddled in the way that medical people tend to do with mothers. Anyway, I realized that I didn’t really want anyone else making those kinds of decisions for me and I began reading. That was two years ago and I have read so many different opinions on what the right thing to do for health was that it almost created more stress than the powerlessness of just trusting the doctors to make the decisions. I took herbs and supplements, cut way back on meat and dairy, bought a treadmill, and distilled my water. I tried to buy organic when I could. I felt like I was spending a lot of money and not sure it was helping anyway. One day I picked up a book call Living in the Raw in the health food store. I read it and it felt “right.” I tried a couple of things, but did not buy the equipment to make the lifestyle really happen and that is where things stood when I moved to Atlanta last summer.

When visiting Life Grocery in Marietta, I saw an ad for a talk on Living Foods. Hearing your story, Brenda, and tasting the food both convinced me that I really wanted to take the class. Now, because of the hands-on style of the class, I know I can make this functionally work. I had felt it was right before, but did not think I could actually do it. Also, the instruction on enemas was life changing. First, because I became convinced to the importance of them and that was not really emphasized before in any of my reading. Second, because of the demo which demystified the actual doing of it. (I had tried to do an enema once before, but really bungled it up I thought and gave up.) When, after doing enemas for 4 days, I started having 3 or 4 worms about 8 inches in length exit my body, I realized that this was REALLY important.

On the “mind” side of things, the talks that both Brenda and Reed gave reminded me to awaken my awareness of my spiritual side and to choose the words and thoughts I use carefully. I have already seen the difference in how I deal with normal everyday stresses in the family. This week alone I have said “My daughter is on a specially prescribed diet” at a birthday party in order to not have her eat ice cream. I have let something that would have really bugged me just slide off, and I have “just gotten over” my feelings of anger about my childhood. These are really big things for me. I expect to have a lot more positive energy in my life now, to sleep less and to feel good about my body. Actually, this is the first time in my life that I can say that I know it will happen and that this is the way to make it happen.

The peace that I feel from knowing this is the right way is the best gift I received from the class. Thank you so very much.

~Sue Mahany-Marietta, GA

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This ten-day class has given me a nutritional tool, an approach to healing my mind, body, and spirit…. My perfect affirmation came to me as, “I now wonder how indescribable I feel, as my mind, body, and spirit heals effortlessly and completely from all forms of negativity while being replaced by guidance, inner peace, and thoughts that make me happy, balance, and successful.

~Helen Loyless-Atlanta, GA

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Brenda, first of all, thank you for being open to the opportunities in your life, to allowing God’s guidance to come through you, and to thank you for sharing your love and knowledge of living foods with others! It has been wonderful these past 10 days to be in the presence of people who are “on purpose” and love what they are doing. I was anticipating learning a new way of preparing foods, gaining a new understanding in relation to nutrition, but the way that the instruction was imbued with such love was unexpected. I was taking this course for cleansing (and, of course healing) in order to prepare myself for what I feel is my next step in God’s plan for me, but what I got was cleansing on a much deeper level than I counted on – never underestimate Spirit! It’s no surprise that the other folks at the center – Reed, Joann, Janet, Ann – all resonate with the same love and purpose. Blessings to you all – the world needs more folks like you!

~Jenny Hurd-Atlanta, GA

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Brenda and the staff and volunteers of Living Foods Institute have provided a beautiful healing center that allows each student to experience the power and miracle of fruits, seeds, nuts, grains, and vegetables.

The living expression of taking in these foods in their most powerful and potent state unquestionably heals the body, mind and spirit.

This class has opened my awareness at every cell that, at last, I have learned how to achieve optimum nutrition from my food.

Thank you for providing the light at the end of a very long and frustrating tunnel, LAW-LOVE-LIGHT-LIFE!

~Donna Fraser-Lilburn, GA

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God has told us all that we are healed. As God does not lie, by faith I believe this to be so. However, in the natural, my body would have me to believe otherwise. This class is my link to the reality of God’s word and my responsibility in it. I am healed, and I must do what is necessary to support that healing, to support my health. God has said wisdom is the principle thing, and my children parish for the lack of knowledge. A combination of ignorance and greed are the contributing factors to my present physical situation, though consciously unwanted, yet created by me. I thank God for The Living Foods Institute for without it, I would still be in darkness and being my own executioner.

~Heleana Adele-Stone Mountain, GA

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Brenda Cobb, the creator and founder of the Living Foods Institute is both brilliant and inspired. This program brings together all the elements necessary for health, vitality, and well being.

Students not only have access to hands-on learning in the kitchen on how to prepare foods for life and healing, they are treated to a profound spiritual program that brings healing to the mind.

And it is in this element that the program is most powerfully effective, because even though we may change our eating habits for health, until we change our things patterns for health, we are destined to fail. The Living Foods Institute addresses every issue one faces in the pursuit of both health and happiness.

And it is all done on one’s home turf! Four hours a day are spent in intensive training, only to be taken home and applied each night so that by the time the 10 days are finished, the students has already begun to establish a new pattern for health in her own environment.

I received more from their program than I ever anticipated. It has been a true life changing experience! Thank you, Brenda! Thank you for your help and for you vision. You are making a profound difference in many lives, and ultimately, the world.

~Lisa Murphy-Atlanta, GA

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I can sum up in one word what the training has meant to me – HOPE. I have been on Social Security Disability since February of 1998 due to severe and disabilitating clinical depression. Within the last year, a further diagnosis of manic was added and I am now categorized as bipolar (manic-depressive). The divorce issues that triggered my condition still plague me and frankly I have not forgiven the parties that wronged me.

The Living Foods Training is a mix of learning about proper nutrition not just for the body, but also for the mind and spirit. It has become clear to me that unhealthy eating made my body vulnerable to depression and if continued will make my recovery most difficult. I have learned that my unhealthy emotions manifest themselves as toxicity, which furthers the illness in my unhealthy body.

Hope has come in several forms. An unexpected bonus to the training was in the loving support generated amongst the class attendees and staff toward one another. The class has committed to staying in touch as an ongoing support group. The teachings about the power of the mind and about the spiritual energy of the universe are nudging me along towards where forgiveness will be possible. In the meantime, I can tell that my body is more healthy and stronger in the light of what I have learned and put into practice from the training. At some point soon, I expect that hope will become knowledge that body, mind, and spirit are well on the way to healing.

~JK-Atlanta, GA

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These ten days have been an unforgettable journey, a journey filled with love from strangers at first, but family in the spirit. This was not just a lesson on how to eat, but a reminder of the true power of God in my life.

On the first day my issue was the pain and nausea associated with my menstrual cycle1-Take Control Of My Life

I feel that this class has given me the means by which I can take control of my health and my body completely. There were so many conflicting opinions about what I should eat and why. I was just getting more and more frustrated and confused.

This class has made sense out of a lot of things for me, and I now finally understand why a lot of things were happening with me. It feels like it is the right path for me to follow.

I am grateful to Brenda and whole group of people at the center for making this happen for so many people. She is to be commended for her courage.

~Barbara Roberts-Ellijay, GA

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While attending the 10-day class, I experienced my cycle. Praise God, I had one of the easiest times. I had some discomfort, but I was able to come to class and do other things in my day.

This feels like the end to a long journey. The end meaning, I’ve found a place of joy, peace and rest. I’ll rest as I heal. After that, as I gain strength month after month, then it’s my turn to carry the torch to another level. Thank you for sharing. I’m looking forward to the reunion in May. May God continue to use his love through you to heal.

~Kimberly Torando-Stone Mountain, GA