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In my wildest dreams I never dreamed I'd write this testimonial about my experience at Living Foods Institute, how my life changed and the blessings that came with it.
I have recently celebrated 5 years surviving Pancreatic Cancer.
My story began in 2012 when, as newlyweds, my husband and I received the news I had a very slim chance of seeing out a year.
Our lives were full, I had a very busy tailoring business along with being an avid long distance cyclist and Jim was successful with welding and self storage. We loved our lives. An in an instant things changed.
My cancer had also metastasized to my intestines and lymph nodes.
After a 11 1⁄2 hour Whipple surgery and months of recovery the chemo began.
I had little time to think straight but when I did I read.
The first book I was given by my yoga instructor, there was a sentence about Living Foods Institute. The next book I read was in no way related to the first, there was a paragraph about LFI. The third book another friend gave me there was a chapter about LFI. The universe was telling me something and now as weak as I was I had to convince my husband and family that this was my choice. It wasn't hard to convince Jim, after only two chemo treatments he and I both knew I would be gone soon. This was our only hope. As he told me later, when we boarded the plane for Atlanta he was sure it was a one way trip for me. Jim really only went to LFI to support me but was soon swept into the new healthy life.
We were greeted with love and absorbed every bit of information.
We learned about the benefit of massage, colonics and many many other treatments.
Each day our class grew closer with mornings in the kitchen learning how to prepare the foods our bodies needed to heal and after lunch we focused on different healing subjects, mind body and spirit. Some days early on I was wrapped in a blanket curled in a comfortable chair unable to eat. I was so determined to participate in every day. It was eight days before I felt the turn, it was as though I was in a new body! My toxins were gone, not only the daily toxins we are all exposed to but also the poison of Chemotherapy that had ruined my immune system. My strength was coming back. It was just days ago I had been to weak to brush my own hair and the constant ringing in my ears had disappeared. My husband put away his “cheaters” for reading his text messages and his energy soared. At our graduation emotions ran high. We had seen some very drastic changes. I remember one gal telling me she was so afraid to hug me just ten days earlier and wow did she hug me that day! Another woman in our class who truly amazed us was in a wheelchair when she arrived unable to walk, feed her self or complete a sentence, she walked to the microphone that day and had such hope of what another month of this lifestyle change would do. Many of us were saying goodbye to drugs our drs told us we must take. I returned home and eliminated sixteen prescriptions.
My husband had carried me onto the plane on the trip to Atlanta, the day we flew back to Boston I carried my own suitcase!
When we returned home we had many questions and concerns. There was always help from the staff at LFI, they have been an extended family.
The healing my body did with the help from the Jane and all of the wonderful people who work as a family was beyond words remarkable! I soon went back to my oncologist in Boston who questioned my blood work asking what I was doing differently. When I told her I was walking away from the rest of the treatment she had planned she couldn't fight me, my labs were proof. It has been my pleasure to speak with folks who have questions about our experience at LFI. It is a very scary decision to make when drs, family and friends all believe that our medical world is the only route. So now well over 5 years later, my husband still starts each day with making “ energy soup” in the vitamix and I juice our favorite raw vegetables. We have traveled across the United States coast to coast in our Motorhome for the past four years, seeing this beautiful country and many people that make it up. Finding ways to share our life's lessons and meeting many like minded folks. Not to mention avoiding cold weather. By the Grace of God I am healed I am so grateful for LFI, I am alive today because of all the Angels there! Thank you God


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My September 2017, 10 days healthy lifestyle program was the second after 14 years when I attended Brenda Cobb's 10 days program in Miami.At that time I became vegan with all the health benefits including being able to go from a size 16 to 2 and maintaining a healthy weight and having overcome alopecia, constipation, chronic pain in all my joints, and digestive problems. This time I had amazing results. I felt lighter specially in my left leg, and liver. When I got back, I had an annual blood test to check my vitamins D3, B12 and iron. In all my score was high. The doctor was in shock considering I have been vegan for 14 years thanks to Brenda Cobb. I couldn't believe it.! The doctor asked me which institute I attended. When I said Livingfoodsinstitute.com, she wrote it down inmediately. This was my 1st time at the Institute in Atlanta.This is a unique loving, healing, joyful place with all Brenda Cobb's paintings, her loving welcoming session, the new therapies, emotional healing therapists, Maria's professional living food demos and recipes, Julie with her non-violence sessions, Wendy with her soothing colonics, and consultations, Jane with her affirmations, personal story, classes about herbal blends, superfoods, supplements, essential oils, and the power of words. A One of a Kind healing experience: Body - Emotions - Mind - Spirit Blessings to Brenda Cobb and all her staff at the LivingFood Institute in Atlanta, Georgia. You gave me the most precious gifts: Recovering my Health and Feeling Younger, Alive, and Vibrant.

~Estela WindWalker Delgado - Miami, Florida

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At Living Foods Institute we become family. We gather together in the kitchen and prepare wholesome, nourishing foods and learn about the benefits of essential oils and herbal supplements. We detox, sweat, exercise and sometimes even cry to let it all out. Everyone who participated experienced weightloss. Others who came with ailments noticed less symptoms and felt so much better. I love LFI and I am looking forward to be back in December.

~Astrid Zedler - San Francisco, California

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I entered my journey and was cautiously optimistic and I had set two very modest goals: to get off so many medications and lose a few pounds. I decided to chronicle my results daily which is not always a good idea because you can become consumed with the numbers but I knew I would not let that happen. So, day 1 begins, nice size class around 20 students with diversity: backgrounds, ages and ethnicities but to my surprise I was the only Male. I do not believe in coincidences so my thought is God placed me here for a reason so let the journey begin. Around day three we really came together as a group and our personalities become visible as well as our synergies and fences began to fall and trust begin to build; this was pretty cool. Many thanks to the staff, presenters, volunteers and therapist they were very knowledgeable and wise. I believe that wisdom is the application of knowledge and they did this very well. During this journey, I learned about a healthy life style which begins with eating healthy but includes so many other things as well. I use the word journey to describe my time at Living Foods because that is what it is, it’s a journey that included many wonderful people on the journey for their own personal reasons but all seeking the same thing; wellness. Before I forget my glucose, numbers were around 125 when I began and they are now around 85 with alternating meds every other day and I also lost 16 pounds, all of this in just 10 days; now that’s a testimony!!! To all my sisters (smile) that begin this journey with me we have only just begun and I pray that I said something or did something to encourage, to help or to assist in some small way. As for me each one of you have contributed to me personally in one way or another through your actions, reactions, silence, sharing and more and I am eternally grateful and appreciative. Your presence made a difference! Continue your journey and let’s keep in touch and share our successes as well as our failures because the journey will have both. I wish you peace, happiness and WELLNESS!

~MD - Fairburn, Georgia

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Words cannot do justice in describing my raw food lifestyle!! This journey began when 3 other friends said they were going raw for a month and wanted to know if I would like to join them. I have no health challenges but am always looking to take wellness to the next level. I said I would, but needed a few weeks to clear the cabinets. Besides it was almost Thanksgiving! I mentally decided I would start after Christmas. I had a party and had baked this amazing zucchini cake and had some of it. After the party was over and everyone left I had to ask myself why I was waiting because I felt heavy from that baked cake even though it was made with excellent ingredients. That day, December 22, I decided to go 100% raw and next month it will be 10 years since I made that choice!! I had prepared a stash of foods I could have when I began because I was sure I would be starved and it never happened. Those foods are so nourishing.

Previously I had purchased the 10 day program of Living Foods Institute of Brenda Cobb knowing my friend and I would attend sometime within the year of our purchase. I came very close to not even going because I knew raw foods and had been doing them for a few months. What a mistake I would have made had I not shown up! Not only did I learn about foods and prep but the fact that there is so much more to the lifestyle besides the food. Our emotions, our thoughts, our attitudes are huge!!! I would have forever missed those vital pieces!

My friend and I attended the 10 day program and then I returned 2 more times to complete the instructor’s program. The therapies there are great for detoxing. I still use the rebounder which is a part of the program every morning. Basic foods that are instrumental in the program are veggie kraut and sprouts which I now have made for almost 10 years. Brenda introduced me to E3Live which I also still use. The coconut oil and essential oils they offer are also a part of my program.

I am a yoga teacher, teaching 5-7 classes per week, and a behavior specialist for the local schools. In my free time I love to water ski which I do 5 days out of 7 each week all summer. Then there is walking our puppy for at least an hour daily, kayaking, and biking. I have more energy than I know what to do with. I have no aches and pains and am blessed with great health!

I travel frequently with John, my husband, and the raw program works well everywhere! I take my coffee grinder, flax seeds, sprouting seeds, sprout bag, nuts and seeds with me. No matter where we stay I can grow sprouts in the condo, grind my flax seeds, and take them with me to find a great salad for dinner. You would be amazed how simple it really is!

I encourage every one of you to find the ideal percentage of raw that works best for you. I have chosen 100% but just know your body will be grateful for whatever percentage you choose, remembering the higher the better as your body becomes more comfortable with such a great lifestyle! It has been so much fun! I cannot image ever going back to eating cooked food and I was 30 years without red meat before I started this! The all raw plan just took me to a new plateau!! The best plan is to just jump in and try it! Brenda’s facility, Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, is a great and safe place to begin as you are surrounded with like adventurers and will have great love and support there that lasts a lifetime if you allow it!!!

Enjoy your raw adventure!!!! You will be glad you tried it!!!

~Dar Dechant - Syracuse, Indiana

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My time at the Living Foods Institute was remarkable. In the kitchen was like "cooking" with an angel and we didn’t cook anything. The food tasted great and I thought that raw food would be just for rabbits, but I was so wrong. Our teacher had such a gentle approach, vast knowledge and grounded energy that was the perfect combination for helping me feel comfortable.

When I first came I didn’t know if I would be able to get in the kitchen to learn the recipes because the disease I was diagnosed with, Lou Geris, makes my muscles weak and I get really tired, but my son came with me and he told me that he would learn the recipes so he could help me when I go home.  The first day I just rested and didn’t go in the kitchen, but everyone talked about how much fun it was so I decided that I would try it out on day two. I am so glad I did.  When I got in the kitchen it was like I felt stronger almost instantly.  If you had told me that would happen I would have thought it was a bunch of hype, but it really did change me.  There is such an incredible healing energy and love at Living Foods Institute and everyone helped my spirits to rise. I was depressed for so long because of my disease and just coming to the Institute helped me see that I was my worst enemy.  I had decided to be the “victim” and kept thinking “why me”, and “what did I do to deserve this?”  The emotional healing classes and Jane, the amazing Jane, helped me to see that I did not have to be a victim and that I could heal this.

I had a huge breakthrough in working with energy healing. The DNA treatment was amazing, and then working with Deborah and the Bach therapy brought some truly transformative healing that was years in coming. I believe that the cleansing of mind and body were completely integral to the change in my perspective, and I emerged with a lightness I have not had in years. 

I have a whole different attitude now and as Jane said, “Change MY attitude, change MY life”, and I can say that I have really changed for the better.  I don’t hurt anymore. I have more energy than I can remember having for a long time.  I feel better all the way around and my son said that he hadn’t seen me smile so big in years.  I am smiling because I have something to smile about. “I am healed by the Grace of God” and with the help of everyone at Living Foods Institute.

I hope my sister will come and heal her diabetes.  I told her about Larry, in my class, who was able to get off all insulin in just a few days of the course and how he lost 15 pounds.  My weight was too low when I came and I gained 3 pounds!  That is a miracle.

Thank you to EVERYONE who made this incredible and magical experience possible.

~Anne W., MA

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I am a skeptic of everything!  Enough said. I am also a man of few words so here goes.  My daughter told me I HAD to come to Living Foods Institute.  I did not want to.  She forced me! I have ALS and it is no fun.  I have been angry for a long time and now I know that I have made myself worse with my bad attitude thanks to Jane’s teachings and the other teachers and they were right.

I came here drooling and I don’t do that anymore, except for salivating for the good tasting food that I knew I would hate, but it is really good.  I had shortness of breath and I am breathing normally now.  My speech was impaired and now my daughter and others at the Institute tell me that I am speaking much better and I am.  I have been in a wheelchair for a while and refused to try to walk, and I was up and walking around with the help of my daughter in just a few days of coming.  My feet and legs were so swollen when I arrived that I looked like I had balloons in my feet.  All the swelling has gone down and even my shoes are too big now.

I don’t choke on my food anymore and that is a miracle.  I have changed my attitude now that I have been through this program.  I think in a different way and I am positive rather than negative.  My daughter says that this is a miracle because over the years I had become very negative. I was not hopeful when I came and was resistant to everything but that changed too.  Jane and the other teachers are very knowledgeable and even an analytical skeptic like me is convinced.

I have a future now and I am happier (can’t believe I said that, but it is true). I am back! I am grateful that my daughter made me come here and that she came with me.  If it hadn’t been for her I would still be an angry man with not hope.  Now I know I can do better and completely heal.

~John L, NY

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I took the 10-day program at the Living Foods Institute in February, 2008.  I had already begun to prepare some raw foods meals but needed to learn more to make this a complete lifestyle for myself.  I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1998 and had surgery but no follow-up treatment.  In 2005 I was diagnosed with a recurrence of ovarian cancer and this time, it was suggested I go through chemotherapy.  I started chemotherapy treatments but was alarmed at the side effects, particularly the negative impact on my bone marrow and blood cell counts, so I stopped chemotherapy after four treatments, receiving only half of the recommended protocol.  I started working with a holistic nurse to reclaim my health and followed her recommendations until I attended the Living Foods Institute.  My reason for attending the Living Foods Institute program was to learn how to strengthen my immune system through the process of getting more enzymes and greater alkalinity.  What I learned was SO much greater than that!  I came wanting to learn how to heal cancer but what I learned was how to heal my fear of cancer. 

After just 10 days of raw foods, daily wheatgrass, energy soup, Vegi-Kraut and Rejuvelac, I felt great!  And, I felt empowered to be in charge of the state of my own health!  As I have continued with the lifestyle, this feeling of empowerment has continued and I no longer am afraid of this disease.  My diet consists almost exclusively of organic, raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts, and sprouted legumes.  I occasionally supplement with steamed vegetables and organic grains such as quinoa.  I juice wheatgrass and make energy soup on a daily basis.  My supplements consist of coconut oil, the Vitamin/Mineral raw food powder, liquid oxygen, E-3 Live, and a number of the Botanical Medica herbal tinctures. 

I take walks and go bicycling on a daily basis.  I also jump on my rebounder daily.  I take care of my energy through energy work, acupressure, and other "high vibrational secrets" I learned in the class, such as listening to classical music, practicing tai chi and Qigong and using high-quality essential oils.  I take care of my emotional energy to the best of my ability and re-read Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life" regularly, incorporating positive affirmations into my thinking patterns. 

I could continue, as I have made my health such a priority that it has become my "job".  A really FUN job!  But the main thing I've found is that when I changed one thing, it was like a wonderful game of Dominoes!  One thing leads to another.  For example, the foods make me feel such energy that I want to juice wheatgrass, which leads me to want to do other detoxifying things such as the rebounding, which gives me energy to want to dance, which makes me search for high-vibrational music, which leads to new hobbies (Latin dance class) and skills (burning CDs to make rebounding music), which makes me feel creative!  I've begun to make beautiful fabric flowers to give to women as a symbol of growth, empowerment, courage and joy. 

I needed the 10 days to begin to experience the well being my body was capable of feeling.  After that class, it has been impossible for me to revert to habits that don't serve me well.  I will always be grateful for such an excellent, holistic education that taught me to go forward without fear and with the knowledge to create an entirely new lifestyle.  Thank you!

~Sincerely ~ Robyn Nolen

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This experience at the raw Living Foods Institute has been an experience I will never forget. The Institute itself was amazing in its design of the program and the process of the experiences we all encountered. Each employee was 100% committed to us for our healing. And the space was a welcoming space for healing to occur. As far as my personal experience, I did it!  This was the most challenging experience that I have ever chosen to do in my life. I was up and down on an emotional, mental and physical roller coaster towards personal self-awareness. This course opened my eyes to believing in my personal healing for the 1’st time since the dis-ease diagnosis (7yrs ago) of ALS (Lou Gehrigs). I was a “wreck” when I came to the Inst. I had lost my will to live and mostly stayed isolated in my home.  My daughter found out about Living Foods and she wanted me to come but at first I didn’t want to because I didn’t think it would do me any good. I was having a lot of trouble swallowing and I didn’t think I would be able to even eat the foods, but I am happy to say, I was wrong.  The energy soup (I didn’t like at first) tasted better everyday and after the first 3 days my swallowing improved so much I wanted to shout hallelujah. I was in a wheelchair when I came in because my legs were so weak.  By Day 6 I was walking around on my own. I was shocked, but my daughter said that she knew that would happen. I got better everyday and I was sleeping so sound at night (I hadn’t had a good nights sleep in years) that I felt more refreshed and had more energy than I can remember when.  I am now a believer in herbs, colonics, foods and going within (emotionally) to heal.  I never knew that the way I thought and my emotions could play such a part in my getting this disease. I am going to stick with everything I learned when I get home.  I wonder what my doctor will say when he sees me. He didn’t think that coming to Living Inst. would help me, but it really did.  This is a new tool in my life for me to use. I will never go back and can never go back to who I was.

Thank you to everyone at Living Foods Institute for your generosity and time to serve and awaken us to healing. And, thanks to my daughter Shirley.  If she had not “pushed” me I would never have come.  Even our relationship has gone to a whole other level now.  I am so grateful.

~Meredith P., Florida

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I came to LFI to heal and continue to learn how to protect my body from cancer through nutrition.  I am leaving with that and so much more!  When I thought I would really “clean house” through this program I realized there are so many rooms in my house that have been closed up tight and my house is so big, there are rooms I didn’t even know existed.  I now have the tools to open those doors and not be afraid to enter those rooms.

I feel so blessed to have been a student at LFI!   I have an attitude of gratitude!  The love, knowledge, kindness and compassion is overflowing from every staff member and volunteer is so inspiring!

I have gained strength, knowledge, peace, love, confidence, courage, a renewed sense of responsibility, health, faith, hope, insight, friendships, understanding, compassion and the gift of realizing God is working in me, around me, and through me for good and with that knowledge and true belief I know I can do anything!

There are so many parts to the blessing you all have shared with me but the one I am so grateful for is that I no longer fear my own body or cancer for the first time in four years.  Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you!

Bless all of you; you are a special, amazing group and I thank God for you!!
Much love,

~Michelle N., Madison, WI

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This class was like a journey I have not experienced before or expected to take.  I came to this institute to learn how to heal my body with food and to learn about nutrition.  What I am taking away with me is purely immeasurable.  Most importantly, I am taking home with me the power to heal myself and releasing the fear of my life in other people’s hands.  Specifically, my doctor’s hands.  I don’t need to look to an M.D. to heal my body.  God and myself will heal my body.  The food I choose to nourish my body is also going to nourish my soul.

In these days at the Institute I have released negative emotions tied up in my body, released toxins held captive in my body.  Bloating, unhappiness, fear, and anxiety are being released.  My eyes which once needed drops to keep moist are no longer needed.  The fatty spots on my legs are disappearing.

I am leaving this institute with a pure sense of calmness I haven’t felt since I was an 8 year old.