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This Program is held in two 15 Day sessions with these lessons included:

Supplies Include:

Additional Services & Therapies Included:

For 5 of the days in each 15 session you will be in Extra Super Detox days from 9am – 1pm. See below for information on the Extra Super Detox Days.

For 10 of these days in each 15 Day session you will be with us from 9:am – 4:pm in hands-on training sessions and continued therapies.

There is a break between the 2 levels of the Educator Certification and the 30-Day Super Healing Programs. This break can last between 2 and 3 weeks ( See the exact program schedule dates by Clicking Here ) A person may choose to stay in Atlanta during these breaks and participate in our Volunteer Program to learn more about running a Raw and Living Foods Educational Center or to help us prepare for the next program or they may return home and come back to a later 15 Day Session to complete their training.

Dates For the 30-Day Lifestyle Medecine and Super Healing Program 



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