Join us for a healing night of realigning and rebalancing your body. Participants will experience a meditation followed by a yin yoga practice led by Beth Coghlin and sound healing led by Rebecca Turk. The yin yoga practice will be combined with sound healing targeted to specific organs and areas with the body’s energy system. Participants will hold each yoga posture for about 3 minutes while the tones of each quartz crystal bowl washes over and through that specific chakra area. Longer holds in a yin yoga practice gently lengthen the muscles and fascia helping to break up adhesions, and apply mild stress to joints and connective tissues, while increasing range of motion.

Rebecca will take participants on a healing journey of sound. This sound experience incorporates the angelic healing tones which radiate from her quartz crystal bowls, a native drum will mimic the sound of ocean waves which are cleansing and clearing and finally, gentle tones from Koshi chimes tuned specifically to the four elements will complete the experience. Vibrational sound healing has been shown to help reduce stress, promote restful sleep, and relax tension in the body by producing a specific resonance and tone. Sound baths are designed to relax the body, nervous system, mind, and energy systems. When these systems are allowed to relax and release, healing can begin.

To close the session, we will end with a group discussion with nourishing, organic herbal tea.

November 19th, 6:30-8:15pm     $45

Includes pre-practice healing tonic "shot" and post-practice healing tea

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