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Colon cleansing is imperative for good health and will gently clean out impacted waste, mucoid plaque, worms and parasites.



Colonic irrigation use the mechanical effects of moving water to cleanse the colon. By repeatedly introducing and expelling water, and using massage, fecal impaction and toxic concentration are softened, dissolved, diluted and removed. Colon cleansing is the key to colon health, and the key to far-reaching health benefits for the entire body. The lymphatic system, for example, carries waste materials away from cells. For the lymph system to drain freely, it is necessary to first have a clean colon. As soon as the colon is cleansed enough to relieve back pressure on the lymphatic system, mucus may appear in the stool. People have often reported this in relation to improvements of chronic conditions such as rheumatic diseases, asthma, hay fever, allergies, cystitis, eczema and other skin diseases.

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