Learn the Ancient Art of Fermentation


Thursday, January 9, 2020


You will be introduced to the making of kombucha, water kefir, kefir shakes, kefir cheese and ‘cake’ and fermented vegetables… taste and see why you’ll want this goodness in your daily life!


WHY Fermented Foods

If you’ve ever had an antibiotic in your life, you unknowingly destroyed some of your gut microbiome. With the knowledge of how to make your own fermented foods and implementing them in your life, you can restore the microbiome and get a healthy better functioning ‘gut.’ According to Hippocrates (often referred to as the “Father of Medicine”),All disease begins in the gut.  New research suggests that much (if not Most) of our immune system is located in our digestive tract. 

Supporting your digestive tract is important! Come, learn, see, and experience how wonderful fermented foods can taste! Leave with cultures for to start making your own.

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