Mind Body Bootcamp

Shorter, condensed versions of our foundational, mainstay programs at introductory rates. 

Whether you’re looking to improve overall health and wellbeing or are dealing with illness or chronic disease, our evidence-based whole body and mind bootcamp will put you on the path to improved energy, better skin, weight loss, 
and reduced stress and anxiety.  All of our organic, plant-based, micronutrient-dense and easily digestible food is included in all programs.

1 session available

3- Day      January 24-26, 9am-4pm.  $399

3- Night   January 28-30, 5pm- 9pm, $299 - Waiting List

2 -Day      January 29-30,  10am-4pm, $299 - Waiting List

Mind Body Bootcamp

3 Day  Mind Body Bootcamp


3 Night  Mind Body Bootcamp

Waiting List - Call Us for more information

2 Day  Mind Body Bootcamp

Waiting List - Call Us for more information
*Your program tuition includes all training classes, recipes, 100% organic food for the duration of your program, educational classes, utilization of innovative technology and equipment, essential oils, and much more depending on the program you select.  

Contact Us to request future dates for all of our programs.

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