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Living Foods Institute

Healing from the Inside Out.
Programs and classes to help you cleanse, detoxify, rebuild, and restore your body, mind and spirit

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New Online - Detoxification and Immune-Rebuilding Program

Having a healthy immune system is important now more than ever. Learn how to rebuild you Immune system with our online program.

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Organic, Plant-Based, Raw & Living Foods

Healing from the Inside Out. Programs and classes to help you cleanse, detoxify, rebuild, and restore your body, mind and spirit

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Spa & Wellness Therapies

Restorative therapies and innovative technology will help you thrive

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Your Resource for Healthy Living

Detoxification, Natural Healing Education, Mind Body Therapies

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We only serve 100% organic, raw, and living foods with the highest integrity, nutrient density, optimal digestibility, and greatest capacity for healing

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Plant-based diet, healthy lifestyle education, detoxification, emotional well-being, movement, positive and effective brain patterns, strategic deep breathing, building community and healthy relationships.  

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Individual healing therapies, innovative equipment, lymphatic-supporting machines, healing tools, and diagnostics

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Life-changing programs, supportive classes, services &products

Learn how to heal your body from the inside out with the right nutrition, mental thinking, emotional healing, stress management, cleansing and detoxification.

1-3 Day Just A Taste Of It Program

This 1-Day Program is for a person who would likes to experience a sample of some of what we offer in our more extensive Programs.

30 Day Educator Program

Become a Living Foods Institute Health Educator in as little as one month of intensive training.

360º Day Lifestyle Medicine Based Education

The 30 Day Lifestyle Medecine and Super Healing Program is for those who want to do everything possible to support the body to heal and stay well for a lifetime.

Supportive Therapies

Learn some of the lessons taught during the 10-Day Program. This is just enough to help you get started.

Innovative Technology & Equipment

This 10-Day Program is for anyone wanting to achieve optimum health and well being and slow and reverse aging.

Certified Educator

This 15-Day Complete Detox and Lifetsyle Program combines everything offered in the 10-Day Healthy Lifestyle Program along with 5-Day Extra Super Detox.


The Healthscope Scan will reveal everything going on with your body so you may become knowledgeable about what you must do to restore and maintain good health for your entire life. See below for more information on the Healthscope Scan.

Special Events & Free Community Classes

The Living Foods Institute offers individual, private phone consultations to help you get on track with your own health plan and personal health goals.

Partners & Recommend4ed Practitioners

Therapy Treatments Will Help You Cleanse, Detoxify, Rebuild and Restore your Body, Mind and Spirit.


For 5 of the days in each 15 session you will be in Extra Super Detox days from 9am – 1pm.
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Living Foods Institute at Tula Health

  • Visit our location & consult one-on-one with our reps
  • Call us 404-524-4488
  • Email us info@livingfoodsinstitute.com
  • Check out all of our Programs and Therapies 
  • See Why LFI
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Where The Healing Happens

The Living Foods Institute is located in Atlanta, Georgia, approximately three miles northwest of downtown. If you have questions or would like additional information about our program, please contact us at:
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Video Testimonials 

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See what people have to say about us...

Our Success Stories

  • In my wildest dreams I never dreamed I'd write this testimonial about my experience at Living Foods Institute, how my life changed and the blessings that came with it.
    I have recently celebrated 5 years surviving Pancreatic Cancer...
  • At Living Foods Institute we become family. We gather together in the kitchen and prepare wholesome, nourishing foods and learn about the benefits of essential oils and herbal supplements...
    ~Astrid Zedler - San Francisco, California
  • Words cannot do justice in describing my raw food lifestyle!! This journey began when 3 other friends said they were going raw for a month and wanted to know if I would like to join them.
    ~Dar Dechant - Syracuse, Indiana

Written Testimonials 

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(404) 524-4488

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1700 Commerce Drive NW
Suite 100
Atlanta, GA 30318

Location Hours

10:00am - 4:00pm

|LFI Events

In Atlanta, Georgia

For those just learning about Organic, Plant-based and Vegan, Raw, and Living Foods or for those who want to continue and expand their education, we offer a two-hour introductory lecture to acquaint you with the Living Foods Institute’s amazing health and healing Program.
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Why Raw and Living Foods

We have Programs to help slow and reverse aging, restore and optimize health, improve positive mental thinking, clear emotional toxicity, manage stress, cleanse and detoxify. Fundamental to our programs is the Organic, Plant-Based, Raw and Living Foods that are provided and taught in all of our Programs.
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Additional Key Components

Emotional Healing and Healthy Patterns of Thought Are Key in Our Healthy Lifestyle Programs

The way we think, communicate and respond to external stressors affects every aspect of our lives. Science now supports the notion that stress may be an underlying cause of disease. Participants very often tell us the emotional healing component of our program was one of the most powerful in taking them to the next level of health and well-being. In a loving, supportive and caring environment, each person is guided to release ineffective patterns, emotions, and styles of communicating which may have been adversely affecting their health. Specially formulated organic essential oils are used in many of these classes.
Why Living Foods Institute


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