Life Changing Testimonials

I came to the Living Foods Institute for many reasons to get off my blood pressure,

indigestion, and to allow my symptoms of arthritis in my fingers and knees to ease up.  I also came to alleviate my cravings for sweets and also to know how to prepare raw and living foods.  After a few days of nutritional education and eating raw foods I noticed the pain in my fingers has gone.  My usual food cravings have disappeared.  My blood pressure has been slowly dropping.  At the Living Foods Institute, I learned how to live a healthy lifestyle and how to prepare healthy living meals to nourish my body and I also learned how to nourish my mind as well.  I am looking forward to continue with these practices when I’m home. And to let others know about it.  My love goes out to all of you. May God bless each and every one of you.

Norma C, Columbia, SC, January 2015

The reason I came to Living Foods Institute is because I have many health challenges.

On the arrival, I was taking Glu-cogel and Coral Calcium in liquid form for my joints, and if I miss two (2) days of taking one or the other, I would have pain.

Since I have been at the institute, I have not been taking my joint medicine and I have no pain.  Also, I feel more energized and better about myself. I am convinced that living foods are the key to health, wellness and vitality. Furthermore, my experience has been rewarding and I have gained knowledge to share with others about the Living Foods Institute.

Thomasina L, Oct 2015, Orangeburg, SC

I had a big breakthrough in that the pain in my knees went down 60%.

That the orthopedic physician said is caused by arthritis in many joints in my body (I have chronic systemic pain in my joints and muscles).  I believe the pain is also caused by candida and the cleanse flushed a lot of the yeast out…I am thankful to the LFI staff and especially thankful to Brenda and Jane for making the program possible for me.  This is truly a ministry and it’s beautiful to see so many people finding deep healing.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! LFI gave me 60% back to 95% and I plan to range between 70 to 98% for the rest of my life.  I feel inspired!!!

Donna E, Marrietta, GA

My time here has been very powerful.

Physically – My calves have dramatically gone down – have had swelling for months

My strength has radically improved.

I can lift my legs as I walk – unlike I could before.

I think more importantly is the layers of myself I have touched and released.

I had lost my power – I lost the vision of myself.  I see now that I have a future – I have things to look forward to.  I have strength to accomplish whatever I want – food, occupations. I believe in myself again!

Michelle W, Cape Girardeau, MO, March 2015

I feel great! I am grateful for the knowledge that I have gained during my time at the Living Foods Institute.

Before I attended my joints were stiff and achy, I even had a 2 year bout with Trigger Finger.  By the end of class my joints are no longer stiff nor do they ache.  Oh and my Trigger Finger is completely gone. Thank you Living Foods Institute!

Stacey P Atlanta, GA, February 2015

Since April of 2015 I have lost around 1,000 pounds of emotional baggage. My brain fog is gone. I have gotten more and more energy.

I feel hopeful for my future again.  I am dreaming and planning and moving forward with a new sense of vitality and passion and joy for my life.  In 2010 I lost my left kidney and adrenal gland to a 2.5 pound cancerous tumor.  Bad karma out good karma gave me a second chance.  I felt great.  However, the antibiotic wrecked my digestion.  The radiated glucose that was used in my cat scan hurt my thyroid and in the last 2 years I gained 40 pounds zero energy with some tired level of fatigue.  This program has given me the tools to help myself heal my body.

Susanne H, Oct 2015, Granger, In

I came to LFI mainly to support my husband who was diagnosed with gastric cancer in 2014.

Although this was my main motivation; I knew enough about the program and its nutritional benefits that I was anticipating benefits for myself as well.

I arrived exhausted, low in spirits and heavier than I’ve been in years.  After my 10 day program, my energy had increased tremendously and I’ve lost some weight.

I’ve also had knee pain for at least 2 years which has limited my mobility.  This pain disappeared in about 7 days.  I have also noticed that I’ve got a natural healthy color in my face even without makeup. Additionally because of the healing my body is experiencing as well as the improvements I’m witnessing my husband experience, my spirit is soaring with a sense of hope and possibility.

Joy B, Oct 2015, Colorado Springs, CO

At day 15, I have to say that it truly is the real thing.

My partner attended with me and on the first day, I could barely walk or stand.  We began the detox protocol and during the morning sessions I would have to sit on a stool due to lack of energy.  On about the 7th day I was working in the kitchen and realized that I was working without my stool.  I had to stop and take notice as I had not felt this good in months.  I progressively continued to feel better with more energy each day.  Others in the class took notice and many made comments about how much better my complexion looked and how much more I participated.  I noticed the same thing among many of my classmates. I knew then that we had found something wonderful. The staff and participants were all part of an experience we all needed to go through. As I said, we are only 15 days into this lifestyle, but I already know that it will be my forever lifestyle. Thank you Living Health Institute for giving myself and many others a new chance on life!

Steve C, Atlanta, GA, Aug 2015

When I first came here I was breathing hard uncontrollably. I was exhausted.

I could not stand up for more 2minutes. As the days went by I gained strength.  My breathing got better.  I’d say I am 65% better which is really good since I have not completely followed protocol so when I get home I expect to get the complete benefit of this program. A complete healing.

Darryl B, Farmington Hills, MI, October 2014

I came to the Living Foods Institute to stop smoking, one more time.

I’ve tried many, many times and always failed, even smoke more. I just loved it, but not anymore. The first day in the Institute I had one cigarette, the second day not even half, it didn’t taste like always, after that I didn’t tried because I don’t have cravings and the thought of having one do not come to my mind. It looks like I forgot that I ever smoke. I’m not losing my mind it is a change of diet, detox, the therapies I took, and the loving energy which coming from teachers, therapist, workers and students, everything together helps me to overcome my habit in easy, peaceful way and without any medication.

Barbara U, New York, NY, July 2015

I am grateful for another chance of life to be able to take advantage of the Living Foods Lifestyle Program (10-day Program).

It has totally changed my total overall perception of some of the foods I have been consuming and have put me on the right track to begin the healing process in my body.  The emotional class was a bombshell.  This made a big impact on my healing and I will forever be truly grateful to Jane Holmes how she nailed it in. The staff was very welcoming. I met new friends, and the comradery was healing. The foods was out of this world phenomenal. I loved my enemies. I loved my wheatgrass juice. This place is truly godsend. I give thanks to all the staff here at Living Foods Institute who made this all possible. And I give thanks in knowing that every cell, every bone, every fiber of my body is in perfect and right health, now and always and so it is.

Winsome P, Atlanta, GA, December 2014

My life had become massively out of balance and I felt if I did not get control of my health I was going to see a long, hard road ahead.

Here at Living Foods I found that {sanctuary}. I rediscovered who I was, and learned a lot about myself.  I found a group of people on similar paths and dealing with their own issues. Together we discovered we were not alone. It is not easy though, and the hardest part was admitting to myself I needed to change, that I was lying to myself and making excuses. The Institute offered me a safe haven where I could let go, heal myself and receive the encouragement to embrace change. I am grateful Living Foods was the oasis I needed to turn it all around.

Keith P, Atlanta, GA, December 2014

I came to the Living Foods Institute to learn more about raw foods and how to better incorporate them into my daily life and into that of my family.

When I got here, it was so much more than I expected.  My class was filled with loving, warm, and sweet people, suffering from all types of diseases.  Chronic disease has never pained me, but when it’s around you, you become so much more aware.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to take control of my health and my life before disease enters the picture.  Here at the Living Foods Institute, I have also been exposed to so many therapists for both physical and emotional support.  I didn’t realize how stressed and heavy my heart was until I was completely at peace! I have been able to relax, free of mind fog, and I had not been able to do that before.  When I came here, I was so unclear of the career path that I was going to take.  Now, with more clarity, I know that working in the wellness field is for me. I got more than I expected when signing up, and I want to share it with others so that they can also be empowered to heal themselves and bring light to their lives.

Katoyia B, Atlanta, GA, December 2014

After the 10 day program, I do feel so much better. Now I have a plan to follow that has been tested over and over for about 16 years,

and it works.  The center nourishes your body and your emotional self.  We need both even though we don’t realize it.  The raw foods were prepared by is personally and in a group which gave us hands on experience.  The recipes were wonderful for variety and taste.  The therapy sessions were definitely helpful as well. My experience here has been awesome.  I think I probably saved many years of my life by realizing I needed to make a change.  This program has cured the worst desire by creating an alkaline state in the body. That is the goal and the key to perfect health. If you have a chance to come here, you should definitely do so… and soon.  Each day does matter.  This is a wonderful learning and loving environment to put yourself into to heal.  Good luck and act now.

Luann C, Lexington, NE, December 2014

My original intent was to do a detox and see what elimination of gluten would do for my body. I’ve had chronic vertigo issues since 1992.

The more severe symptoms are under control…But this is what I’ve noticed.  My energy level is higher.  I had sleep problems prior to starting and would feel like a zombie during the afternoons and evenings.  This has not occurred after the 1st day of the program. I also am surprised how the combination of energy soup throughout the day – along with one large meal at lunch could leave me satiated for the day. Finally, the group environment of “like souls” on a healing journey has encouraged comradery and emotional healing that is inspirational. The staff are a melting pot of beautiful souls who have guided us with loving kindness.  A friend of mine yelled at me to try this.  I am indebted to her.

Jeff M, Marietta, GA, October 2014

15 months ago I was poisoned by an anti-malaria medication called Lariam.

Within days I had developed over 45 side effects I had never experienced before. I tried, but did not find healing with doctors. My intuition kept telling me nutrition, nutrition, nutrition; there has to be something I can feed my body to help it heal. So I started learning all I could about food. Over the course of about 9 months, I slowly could feel myself coming back to life. But even though I was doing so much better than before, I didn’t feel completely healed. It felt like I had hit a plateau, so I saw a flyer for a Brenda Cobb lecture on healing foods and decided to attend. The rest is history.

I started this 10-day Program really believing I was here for the food. The greatest thing I got out of this experience is the feeling that I am not alone in this. I found about 30 new friends to hold hands with and walk forward together; all of us believing in the body’s ability to heal. I also realized how important the emotional and thinking component of an illness is. If I keep telling myself I am sick, I am not back to normal, I don’t feel good then I’ll continue to feel that way. So today I say, I am healed. I am. I have more mental clarity, less headaches, I feel happier, I feel inspired and encouraged. And I lost 6 pounds.

Jessica O, Marietta, GA, January 2015

This class/experience has been ALL that was promised and 1000% considerably more

of a return on investment than anything I have ever done previously in life.

There are numerous benefits I have gained in the 10 days. Confirmation is the most significant. Confirmation that my body can heal itself, confirmation that others view and experience this life much like I do and that I am not alone in my perceptions and beliefs. Confirmation of the existence of a community of caring/loving people does exist that are willing to assist/support me in my evolution of understanding love to a higher degree of consciousness and actualization and practice. I want to thank ALL the therapists at LFI and I am grateful for having had the opportunity and good fortune to share the LFI class experience with the group of 40 people I came through the program with this first month of 2015.

Tyrone W, Atlanta, GA, January 2015

In my 10 days program:

I have a lot of energy

Sleep like a baby

No sugar craving or junk food

I feel like new

My pain in my entire body is gone

I don’t take any paid medicine

I have stage 4 cancer metastatic (in different parts of my body)

I am healing and thank God and the Living Foods Institute

Diana A, Norcross, GA, January 2015

During my time at LFI, my life radically changed in mighty ways.

I learned the following which contributed to the amazing experience I had:

  1. Wonderful recipes: The food here was phenomenal. Never did I ever think raw food could be so good!
  2. The Therapies: I was introduced to life changing therapies that provided holistic healing.
  3. The Knowledge of the Instructors: The instructors here opened up a whole new world for me with all of the information they provided.
  4. My Community of Fellow Classmates: I fell in love with my fellow classmates. I’m sure I will have friendships with them for a lifetime.
  5. Unresolved and Unexpressed Emotions: I discovered I had not really released anger and resentment. This class helped me understand the powe3r of unresolved and unexpressed emotions and the impact these emotions have on my life.

Thank you LFI!!!

Yolanda F, Smyrna, GA, January 2015

I enrolled in LFI in July 2010 to heal myself from a ton of health problems.

The biggest was Epstein Barr Virus, other issues included amenorrhea (a lack of menstrual period), amalgam fillings, mercury toxicity depression and anxiety.  My doctors had no solutions.  I wasted a fortune pursuing help the allopathic route.

My 10 days at LFI changed me forever.  I felt better, happier, more energy, and emotionally free! I stayed with my protocol strictly for about 3 months and all my health issues had reversed themselves. Incredible!

Jessica T , Atlanta, Ga, January 2015

I enjoyed my 10 Days at Living Foods Institute. I learned so much while I was here about food.

This is a new way to look at foods.  While here, my blood pressure came down 16 points.  I lost 11 pounds!  I came here with my daughter and brother-in-law.  After about 4 days into the Program you could see the people in our group just woke up.  People were smiling and talking more, it was great to see that.  The emotional secession in the afternoon was so helpful.  This has opened my eyes up to releasing your feelings.  I know this will help me!  Your power is in the present moment.

Debbie D, Hilton Head, SC, January 2015

I came to the Living Foods Institute to stop smoking, one more time.

I’ve tried many, many times and always failed, even smoke more. I just loved it, but not anymore. The first day in the Institute I had one cigarette, the second day not even half, it didn’t taste like always, after that I didn’t tried because I don’t have cravings and the thought of having one do not come to my mind. It looks like I forgot that I ever smoke. I’m not losing my mind it is a change of diet, detox, the therapies I took, and the loving energy which coming from teachers, therapist, workers and students, everything together helps me to overcome my habit in easy, peaceful way and without any medication.

Barbara U, New York, NY, July 2015

We learned how to grow our sprouts from scratch so that we would be empowered to control the quality

and availability of food we were putting into our bodies to heal it. We learned how to tap into the most powerful healing therapies available to woman or man.  We learned the power of meditation, tapping, Chi gong, Pranic healing, Bach flower, foot baths, Saunas, colonics and massages.  All facilitated by some of the most knowledgeable  and experienced therapists in the world.

I learned through the journey that due to being a child of an alcoholic that I had actually been in both mental and physical pain all my life.  During this program was the first time I had felt enough relief to know the difference. With the tools and knowledge that I’ve been empowered with I’m now prepared to begin my journey forward taking better care of myself, mind, body and spirit. I give thanks and praise to God for bringing me here in the presence of one of the most powerful programs, with the most loving and caring people that I’ve ever been involved with.  Through the strength of your word and grace, the healing foods, healing therapists, healing leadership and staff at Living foods Institute… I am healed, I am healed, I am healed!

Candy R, Oct 2015, Mableton, GA

I have learned so much here… From nutrition to the mind, body, soul connection…

I have more energy and confidence in myself. I am grateful and thankful to Brenda Cobb for all the research she has done and taught, and to Jane Holmes for her leadership and “spunk” at LFI. I have been able to bless my family by your wisdom and knowledge. We all feel better and continue to be on this journey of well-being. Thank you and God bless you and LFI

Judy F, Atlanta, Ga, July 2015

Coming to LFI has been a wonderful experience for me.

I have learnt a great deal on how to be raw.  I plan on using a lot of what I have done here.  I have slept better, laughed more since I have been here.  I am happy that most of recipes are easy to do.  I plan to do this for the rest of my life. I find myself dreaming of raw foods more than desserts which I never thought that will ever happen. I will be back for more learning and will be volunteering a lot.  The group has been a delight and I will stay in connect with them.

KK N, Atlanta, GA, October 2014

When I enrolled to take the course at LFI, I thought I would only learn recipes for preparing food. Little did I know,

recipes are only part of what we learned and what is offered here.  The emotional healing sessions helped me in ways I never knew I needed. I now feel that I have the necessary knowledge to move my family and myself forward in this new lifestyle.  LFI has informed me of things that I never imagined.

Dexter W, Oct 2015, Douglasville, GA

This day is a highlight for me. A time to celebrate. Thanks to the entire staff

and volunteers at Living Foods Institute for letting me spend such a wonderful and extra-ordinary time.  I truly enjoy myself, make new friends, eating raw foods for ten days was a new and lasting experience for me.  Thanks for making all this possible.  I refused to go back to my former way of preparing my foods.  My body is lighter and I feel cleaner on the inside.  Both physically and mentally I am feeling great. I promised you that I will return and I will practice what I have learned and share with others.

Charis T, Port Charlotte, FL, March 2015

This class was more than I could have imagined.

I think you really need to attend the class to truly understand the benefits – it’s so much more than just the recipes.  It’s truly mind & body. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend.

Miriam J, Atlanta, GA, March 2015

This was the most incredible ten days that there are truly no words to appropriately capture how magical it was.

The facility itself is amazing – such beautiful therapy rooms and the kitchen is perfect for all the teaching and creating that goes on in there.  The training room is filled with love and the teachers have been an unbelievable source of knowledge!  They go above and beyond for us and hold a wonderful safe space for growth (and emotional release!)  Being pregnant, I was unable to follow the protocol as closely as I would have liked; but the physical transformation I witnessed in my classmates was so inspiring!!  Their glowing skin and eyes, increased energy levels, and healing could convince anyone of the benefits of a raw lifestyle and colon cleansing!  …The classmates I had were amazing and are my new healthy family!  What an incredible, priceless blessing to have been a part of LFI!!!  Thank you!

Lauren S, Atlanta, GA, March 2015

My current challenges were weight, cholesterol, digestion with bloating (bad diet), and depression.

Ten days later I’m down several pounds, no stomach upsets, my skin feels great (so clean), joints feel great, sleeping better and I feel like getting up in the mornings….Julie's Mindful Communications and Mizy’s Kitchen direction made for a great and useful experience to take home.  Until next time...gratefully yours, Lynette

Lynette C June 2018

I was unaware that the “Living Foods Institute” is really about changing your life

physically (digestive system), emotionally, mentally, psychologically and spiritually. I am off medication, I feel better. I have released relationships… I feel that it is a health idea to come back to the Living Foods Institute to stay connected to where your transformation came from.

Sylvia G, Fairburn, GA, August 2016

First, I would like to say what a wonderful program. It was one of the best decisions that I could have made to come here.

Everyone here is so positive and supportive and caring (loving). The healing modalities offered were a surprise and I now look forward to experiencing them in the future… I discovered a whole lifestyle and experienced a mind, body, and spirit shift that has instilled in me the convictions to move forward in my life as a vegan foodist.  I know now for sure the whole living foods heals.  When I arrived, I was congested and full of aches and pains.  So I opted for the colonics to relieve the congestion.  Today my energy is higher and I have been sleeping through the night in the last few days.  I’m feeling so much better overall with less pain.  I believe my arthritis can heal in this lifestyle.

I love the communal philosophy followed here.  We all leave today knowing we can return and that there is someone to speak to if we hit a block.I know I am no longer alone in the struggle to find healing for life long problems and I can be a success.  Thank you for my group and this culture of community.

Lillian M, Duluth, GA, December 2014
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