Life Changing Testimonials

I haven’t taken a blood pressure pill since I took this class.

My pressure went from 170/96 to 122/64 and I lost 12 pounds!!

Artexas Davis – Atlanta, Ga.

I did not want to come, but my wife made me.

I survived detox, stayed 100% Living Foods during the 10 days, lost 12 pounds, and my blood pressure went down to 107/69.  I feel great!

Ron Wood – Cumming, Ga.

I’ve lost 12 pounds.

My blood sugar dropped 60 points, and my brain feels more alert.  I have found a key part in my soul development while here on earth, through your program.

T. G. – Duluth, Ga.

My reason for coming here was to learn more about the living foods lifestyle & how I could incorporate it into my life so that I could maintain a life of wellbeing after my diagnosis of cancer last year…

What I didn’t expect after just 2 days of eating the foods was that my uterine fibroids shrank.  They shrank enough for me to be noticeably palpable.  I believe that my continuing on this path I may no longer need to consider getting a hysterectomy! 

Judy S, Las Vegas, NV

I was told about Living Foods Institute’s upcoming class from a friend…

I can honestly say this was the best 10 days of my life. I had struggled with unknown issues with my immune system, mercury poisoning and systemic candida. I had severe brain fog, tremors, headaches, severe eye pain which left me unable to read at times…Around Day 5, I started feeling a lot better. And, everyday after that was amazing. My eye pain was gone, no brain fog, no chronic fatigue, no headaches or tremors… this place is amazing…

Wanda T, Alpharetta

I have been battling recurring cancer since 1995 with surgery and chemotherapy.

I was on full disability when I first took this course.  Now I have returned to work full time.  I have never felt better physically or emotionally.  My tumor markers are now all in normal ranges and I am cancer free!

Sherry Maloney, Atlanta, Ga.

I have suffered from obesity, hypertension and insulin-dependent diabetes for 20 years.

On the second day of class my blood sugar dropped to normal. I have lost over 30 pounds and I don’t need insulin anymore.

Leo Oxley – Atlanta, Ga.

I was diagnosed with HIV in February 1990.

I had taken every drug imaginable.  Some helped, but nothing made me well.  After practicing the Living Foods Lifestyle my liver tests improved, my blood counts and T-cells increased.   I am so glad that I took the Living Foods Lifestyle course.

Craig Doyle – Atlanta, Ga.

I have recently celebrated 5 years surviving Pancreatic Cancer…

Some days early on I was wrapped in a blanket curled in a comfortable chair unable to eat. It was eight days before I felt the turn, it was as though I was in a new body! My husband carried me onto the plane on the trip to Atlanta, the day we flew back to Boston I carried my own suitcase!

Amy C, Boston

My life had become massively out of balance and I felt if I did not get control of my health I was going to see a long, hard road ahead.

I NEEDED A SANCTUARY. The Institute offered me a safe haven where I could let go, heal myself and receive the encouragement to embrace change. I am grateful Living Foods was the oasis I needed to turn it all around.

Keith P, Atlanta

I came with a history candida, leaky gut, parasites, high blood pressure, and hypoglycemia.

My goal was to create a physical, mental, and emotional reset. I have most certainly done so.  This was an incredibly loving atmosphere.  The connections made with other students will carry forward for a lifetime.

S.A, New York, NY

After being diagnosed with HIV, I watched my viral load go as high as 103,000.

After the 10-Day class I was re-tested and my viral load had dropped to 10,300 and my T Cells had gone up from 250 to360.  My doctor is thrilled and encouraged me to keep doing whatever I was doing.

Bob B, Atlanta

…I now know what I need to do for my health to have more energy and be in less pain.

I learned a lot about myself and feel a change within my soul.  The emotional healing was so powerful, I had heard some of it before years ago, it was like I heard it the first time when I was here.

Abbey B, Waltham, MA

In June 1999 I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Since taking this course my PSA, which had risen to 11.2, is now down to 4.4.  I give all the credit to the application of what I learned at the Living Foods Institute.

Gene Lowe – Acworth, Ga.
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