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Lifestyle Medicine + plant-based, whole foods, whole body reset  + organic wellness spa with 20+ years experience optimizing health, preventing and resolving toxemia and disease. Whether you’re looking to improve your overall health and well-being or are dealing with chronic disease, such as cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, auto-immune conditions, Lyme or other chronic illness, our whole body and mind “reboot” will improve strength, immune function, happiness, and quality of life- even in the midst of life's greatest challenges.  

We apply the new nutritional science for disease prevention and incorporate the latest evidence-based technology and research while staying true to our foundational techniques. Our effective, time-tested method is grounded in a specific nutritional protocol that incorporates 5 super-healing, 100% organic, plant-based and living foods developed for supporting bodies through disease and detoxification. Balanced physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health are as critical as the foods we consume.  Incorporating all to dramatically improve results is our specialty at the Living Foods Institute at Tula Health.

All of our programs include hands-on instruction, our delicious, always 100% organic foods, engaging classes, the latest research, technology and equipment, and of course, our always supportive, loving community. All of our mainstay programs are immersive, effectively habit-changing, and life-transforming!

What does TULA mean?

T U L A is The Ultimate Lifestyle Academy (for lifelong great health!). The word “Tula” means “Balance” in an ancient, phonetically-based language. Other translations include tranquility, strength, pinnacle, and God within us.

Balance is perhaps our most important principle at the Living Foods Institute at Tula Health. In every program, we see balance/homeostasis restored to overwhelmed bodies. All of our programs embrace the balance of ancient wisdom and modern science. We are committed to the balance of healing with plants and nature as a lifestyle change and/or as a complement to any other medical, dietary, or faith-based healing modality.

As a final balance bonus, we love how well the gut-brain connection is restored after all of our immersion programs!

What aspects of health do you address?

Malnutrition, toxicity, and gut dysbiosis/gut dysfunction are each contributors to poor health and are addressed effectively at LFI.  

  • Malnutrition can come not only from inadequate nutrients and poor quality, processed foods, but also from poor absorption.   
  • Toxemia (environmental as well as internal or stress-related, brain-based, and hormone-related toxins) are unavoidable. Our bodies, internal organs, and systems of elimination are designed to combat toxins in everyday life.  Problems occur when these toxins (emotional stressors, chemicals, poor quality air, hormone-laden, or overly processed foods, …) accumulate and become too burdensome for our bodies to effectively eliminate.  
  • Gut dysbiosis / compromised gut health can create a myriad of seemingly unrelated problems.  According to Hippocrates (the Father of Medicine), “All disease begins in the gut.”  Science also now tells us that gut health affects mental health. Through the most easily-digestible, enzyme-rich, gut-balancing and nutrient-dense foods, spices, herbs, essential oils and interactive classes, participants experience dramatic reduction or elimination of symptoms and inflammation and quickly experience not only sound gut health, but also positive mental health and improved overall physical health.  LFI offers several advanced diagnostic medical devices to help participants identify problems and gauge progress.   

What about Brain Health at LFI?

Thanks to modern imaging and a growing field of science, there is such incredible new research about neuroplasticity (the ability of the brain to change, heal, and grow, even into old age!). One of the “problems” with neuroplasticity can occur when we have unconscious patterns/habits of thought (if it fires together, it wires together…) which may be keeping us from being as healthy, happy, and successful as we were designed to be. At LFI, we incorporate innovative tools (neurofeedback, sound therapy, positive psychology, …) and simple, but effective tools (targeted deep breathing, mindfulness, meditation, brain-body movements, foundational yoga, and much more) as strategies for developing most beneficial neurological patterns for happiness, everyday detoxification, and lifelong good health.

|Why Raw and Living Foods

Living Foods Institute 

Organic, plant-based, raw, and living foods can transform your life and heal your mind, body, and spirit.   When plant-based foods are both living and raw, they're more easy to digest, cellular energy and oxygen are increased, more nutrients are absorbed, and the natural process of detoxification is improved.  

Although cooked foods certainly have their place and are also very nurturing, many enzymes are destroyed by the heat (above 108 degrees).  Sprouting and fermenting brings life back to foods.  These vibrant "living" foods with their enzymes fully intact can dramatically improve health. 

There are many different diets that work well for various conditions. Although we recommend strict adherence to our foods for the duration of your program and for a period of time after depending on the condition, our protocol is not in conflict with (and is actually a wonderful compliment to) any other diet or food protocol (in fact, among other things, our program is also a plant-based ketosis).   Our time-tested (even kid-approved!) recipes are absolutely delicious.  Come learn, enjoy, and experience how great you can feel!  
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