15 Day Complete Detox and Lifestyle Program

We offer in-person immersive and comprehensive whole body and mind detoxification programs through organic plant-based nutrition, mind-body therapies, and natural healing education.  Our healing from the inside-out approach is effective for chronic disease as well as disease prevention. 

The Living Foods Institute in Atlanta, Georgia offers in-person immersive whole-body and mind detoxification programs. We accomplish this through organic plant based nutrition, mind-body therapies and natural healing education in a supportive community environment.

We support people with chronic disease heal naturally. Many times, working in conjunction with medical doctors. We take a comprehensive integrative approach to optimal health and healing.

The 15-day complete detox and lifestyle program gives a complete and thorough detoxification and cleansing of the body along with optimal nutrition and hands-on training. Doing a super-charged detox on a regular basis can help you slow and reverse aging, halt, prevent and potentially reverse chronic disease, improve energy, skin, hair and overall well-being. The first four days and final day of the 15-day program are Extra Super Detox Days.

*All programs include 100% organic healing foods for the duration of your program

How We Do It

  • Hands-On Organic, Vegan, Raw and Living Foods Recipe Preparation
  • Sprouting and Growing Wheatgrass and Living Greens
  • Medicinal Herbs, Essential Oils, and Superfoods
  • Proper Hydration
  • Positive psychology 
  • Targeted movement
  • Innovative technology 
  • Loving supportive connections
  • Educational center 
  • Learning how your health issue developed and how to heal
  • Hands-on kitchen committed to helping people prevent and recover from chronic disease
  • Raw Organic Plant Based Detox Program
  • Nature-inspired therapies
  • Deep emotional and cellular detoxification
  • Connection through community
  • Specific protocol for your health issue

15 Day Complete Detox and Lifestyle Program


Our Students Learn

  • The difference between Raw and Living Foods
  • Growing your own sprouts and wheatgrass
  • Cleansing and detoxifying your colon, blood & lymphatic system and every cell in your body
  • Exercising, breathing properly, and relaxing
  • How positive thinking and speaking help you heal
  • Fasting, overeating, food combining, weight control and healing issues
  • The properties of the most important foods for healing and how to prepare these foods right in your own kitchen
  • The nature of all diseases and the solutions to the health problems that plague our society
  • Enzymes, and how these vital elements help you heal the body, mind and spirit
  • Emotional issues and how to release the past and old habits so you may go forth with a new enthusiasm for life
  • Forgiveness and the importance of first forgiving yourself and then forgiving others so you may truly and completely heal from the inside out
  • Organic foods, why they are your best choice and how to become completely self-sufficient

Supplies Include

  • Training Manual
  • Living Foods Lifestyle® Book
  • Colon Cleansing Equipment

Additional Services and Therapies Include

  • Detox Energy Smoothies
  • Detox Juice Tonics
  • E-3 Live Blue Green Algae
  • Zetox Drink
  • Vita-Mineral Drink
  • Organic Living Midday Meal
  • Alkaline Water 
  • Mini-Lymphatic Gym (Vibratherapy, Pilates Reformer, Stepper, Rebounder, Other)
  • (unlimited during program Chi Machine
  • (unlimited during program) Cocoon Wellness Pod
  • (unlimited during program) Infrared Sauna
  • (unlimited during program) Metatron Mat Therapy


Many people have CONDITIONS that IMPROVE OR DISAPPEAR after time spent on our protocol.

Others continue to use the diet and lifestyle tools they learn from us to STRENGTHEN AND SUPPORT THE BODY during other medical interventions.  

Not only do our prior students rave about their physical results and how amazing they feel after just a few days, they also time and again, tell us THAT NOT ONLY WAS THEIR HEALING PHYSICAL, but that the EMOTIONAL HEALING from our program was one of their MOST PROFOUND LIFE TRANSFORMATIONS.  


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Wanda T, Alpharetta
Dates for the 15-day Complete Detox and Lifestyle Program
January 6-20
February 3-17
March 2-16
April 6-20
May 4-18
June 1-15
July 6-20
August 3-17
September 7-21
October 5-19
November 2-16
December 7-21
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