Within days I had developed over 45 side effects I had never experienced before. I tried, but did not find healing with doctors. My intuition kept telling me nutrition, nutrition, nutrition; there has to be something I can feed my body to help it heal. So I started learning all I could about food. Over the course of about 9 months, I slowly could feel myself coming back to life. But even though I was doing so much better than before, I didn’t feel completely healed. It felt like I had hit a plateau, so I saw a flyer for a Brenda Cobb lecture on healing foods and decided to attend. The rest is history.

I started this 10-day Program really believing I was here for the food. The greatest thing I got out of this experience is the feeling that I am not alone in this. I found about 30 new friends to hold hands with and walk forward together; all of us believing in the body’s ability to heal. I also realized how important the emotional and thinking component of an illness is. If I keep telling myself I am sick, I am not back to normal, I don’t feel good then I’ll continue to feel that way. So today I say, I am healed. I am. I have more mental clarity, less headaches, I feel happier, I feel inspired and encouraged. And I lost 6 pounds.


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