Frankincense: Essential Oil 5ml


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This essential oil has powerful uplifting and clarifying effects for the body and mind including the hypothalamus, pineal and pituitary glands.

Frankincense has the ability to improve human growth hormone production and is good to treat asthma, depression and ulcers. It enhances the increased flow of energy, helps overcome stress and despair and supports the immune system. It can help with allergies, insect and snake bites, bronchitis, respiratory infections, diphtheria, cancer, headaches, hemorrhaging, herpes, high blood pressure, inflammation, stress, tonsillitis, typhoid and warts. It increases the activity of leukocytes in defense of the body against infection. It increases spiritual awareness and promotes meditation. It helps improve attitude and uplift the spirit. Considered a sacred oil, one primary use is that of a spiritual aid in ritual, prayer, and meditation and when diffused in your home, provides protection for you and your family, encourages healthy moods and will turn the fragrance of your home into that of a temple.

Sesquiterpenes (Crosses blood brain barrier), stimulates limbic system of the brain (emotional center), helps for recovery of PTSD, trauma, or stuck thoughts, uplifting and clarifying effects, increase flow of energy, can help with allergies insect/snake bites or other infections.


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