HydroGo+ Bottle - Molecular Hydrogen Generator


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Create Hydrogen Rich Alkalized Antioxidant Water anywhere!

Portable hydrogen water bottle of Hydrogen.   Up to 2800 ppb.

Out gasses chlorine and is USB rechargeable!   Ideal for traveling and outdoors.

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We can drink it to slow down aging, and we also can also wash our hands and face with it to keep our skin in good condition.

  • Our body that has been acidified due to stress, fast foods, heavy drinking and overeating, etc.!!
  •     Hydrogen water is an anti-oxidant substance, it inhibits skin aging and scavenges free (oxygen) radicals, in order to protect DNA from oxidative damage.
  •      Hydrogen water is absorbed in blood within 30 seconds,blood brain barrier and genitals within 1 minute, skin within 10 minutes, liver, heart and kidney within 20 minutes, whole body within 30 minutes.
  •     Hydrogen water hasanti-oxidation effect 170 times more powerful than vitamin C, 860 times more than co-enzyme Q10. It is healthy, safe and EZ to make with the HydroGo+ bottle.
  • Suited for Most Types of Drinking Water-- Distilled water, Purified Water, Mineral water, Tap water. Distinguishing it from other machines in the market which can not process using distilled water or purified water.
  • Independent Base with Convert Joint for Mineral Water Bottle--Light weight for Portabity. Mineral water bottle can be installed directly on the host base. Perfect for making hydrogen-rich water at anytime, anywhere.
  • Water Tastes Good--Equipped with high-quality ion-exchange membrane, which can remove impurities, absorb the residual chlorine ozone, discharge water contains ozone, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine from the bottom.
  • Electrolysis Modes-- 2-Clicks with Blue light on for 5 mins Electrolytic mode makes 1400 ppb. 3 Clicks with is 10 minutes 2800 ppb.
  • Ultra-high purity hydrogen-rich water - Electrolysis 1 time can produce hydrogen water contains hydrogen ion upto 1400ppb. Don't electrolyze for more than 5 times all at once, so as to avoid excessive pressure inside the cup which may cause leaking problems.
  • Portable hydrogen water bottle. Ideal for traveling and outdoors. Create your Hydrogen Rich Alkalized Antioxidant water anywhere! Out gasses chlorine and is USB rechargeable!


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