Nut Milk Bag


Small nut milk bag made for straining nut pulp (or other things!) to make nut milk! Easy to use and portable. Hand wash.

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Imagine never having to buy a non-recyclable boxed "milk" again. Instead, make your own RAW "milk" of any nut or seed you like! Why buy plastic packages of expensive sprouts when you can sprout your own seeds, grains, and legumes? If you don't feel like cleaning up after your juicer, or just don't have a juicer, then you can use a blender and strain the pulp through this Amazing Bag as well!

A nut milk recipe is included. You can click here to get a free almond bread recipe for the almond pulp that is leftover from making the milk. Get Elaina's Pure Joy Kitchen Book 2 for many more tasty scones, pastries, big fat focaccia bread, and a wedding cake that also include the almond pulp. Try it and you will be delighted!

Get one for all of your culinary needs - 1 for green juice, 1 for nut milk, and 1 for sprouting!


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